June 10-12 2022 
@ The Grand Theatre
114 N Waggoner St, Electra, TX 76360
[email protected]
Cowpokes Int'l Film Festival

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1) A Bad Choice - Runtime 16 Min - "A Bad Choice" is a Western short that tells the story of Nathan Pawley, an outlaw whose past misdeeds finally catch up to him, Eliza, the relentless Bounty Hunter pursuing him, and Marcus Wilson, the victim of his own selfishness.

2) A Bad Way - Runtime 5 Min - A man is condemned for his sins by a saintly woman from a dying town in the old west. However, is it really God she condemns him to, or something more sinister?

3) All Else Fails - Runtime 18:00 - When Vincent, an unsuccessful, petty con-man, fails at disability fraud, he decides to escalate his crimes to become a better provider for his wife.

4) BAIL OUT - I am Lorenzo Lamas - Runtime 27 Min - NYPD detective Jimmy O'Neill has a run-in with the Mob (Mafia). Now they want to whack him. He goes to Fort Worth, TX to take over his inherited, by his late uncle Charlie's failing Bail Bonds business.The mob follows him. All the high-jinx, now begins.

5) Bang Bang - Runtime 21 Min - In a world where grown-ups have a price on their heads. Two unlucky bounty hunters search for the last two wanted men alive. (World Premier)

6) Before Breaker Wakes - Runtime 65 Min - Losing his girlfriend and his job in the same day propels Breaker Donovan to Houston to find out why he was named in the will of the recently deceased shoe heiress Mercedes Cosnoski.

7) Bird Lady - Runtime 17 Min - In this short documentary, Kansas City filmmaker Carter Rostron explores the mystery surrounding a statue that has become known as the “Bird Lady.” For years, an assortment of small ceramic birds and other figures have appeared around the base of the statue. The documentary explores what’s been happening, what it means, and how it has become a beloved part of neighborhood folklore.

8) Birthday Boy - Runtime 10 Min - An abusive dad gets his just desserts on his birthday.

9) Black Bayou - Runtime 4 Min - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... especially one who has been rejected in love. In our world, we explore a woman who has a dark secret and she wants nothing more than to have the man of her "dreams" all to herself; and she will stop at nothing, until she does.

10) Brunch Before Baptism - Runtime 19 Min - A comedy about a toxic family situation with a splash of Holy water and a twist of lime!!!

11) Delivering Hope - Runtime 89 Min - Delivering Hope is a feature film documentary that tells the ultimate story of people coming together for something bigger than themselves. On November 16, 2019, eight days before his 50th birthday, ultra-runner Kevin Kline set out to become the first person in history to run the northernmost 300 miles of Alaska's dangerous Dalton Highway, in winter, to raise awareness for children battling pediatric cancer. Traversing the world's 10 most dangerous road, Kline and his crew face a hostile environment of -40F temperatures on a road made of ice in near total darkness to run an 8lb backpack full of childhood cancer names to the virtual top of the world. When Kline's body shuts down after 200 miles, the crew is faced with a life-changing dilemma.

12) Draggin My Wagon (World Premier) - Runtime 5 Min - Christian Country Video about leaving your troubles with the Lord

13) Fade In Texas - Runtime 42 Min - Fade In Texas is a Documentary Film highlighting the Entertainment Industry in Texas.....and more specifically, the Western Entertainment Industry.

14) Feast - Runtime 6 Min - Van Helsing gets wind of a vampire party in his neighborhood... only, it's not the vampire party he was expecting.

15) Gal Manns Skrik (Mad Man's Scream) Runtime 15 Min - Mad Man's Scream is a mashup short based on Edvard Munch’s art
"The Scream” and films The Shining, Night of the Living Dead, Psycho, Rosemary's Baby, Silence of the Lambs, and Scream.

16) Ghost Trippers - Runtime - 28 Min - When a skeptical motel manager skips the Halloween parties for a quiet night at work, four amateur paranormal investigators arrive with a story too bizarre not to believe. As the night progresses, strange and unexplained events start to unfold at the Tehuacana Inn. Join Alex and the Ghost Trippers as they set off to document the ultimate proof of paranormal existence.

17) Gold, You Idiot - Runtime 7 Min - Two moronic gold prospectors venture the northwestern riverbeds in search of riches.

18) Go Camp with Aurora LaRay (Mississippi) - Runtime 15 Min - Aurora LaRay traveling with her furry-faced pride and joys: Paco and Atlas. We call a Coachmen Freelander home sweet home on the road!

19) Headin' For Mexico - Runtime 65 Min - A Cowboy is wrongly accused of a bank robbery, or is he? The Court's story of what happend is different from his... Did he or didn't he; that is the question you'll have to figure out.

20) Hollywood Don Yates - Runtime 5 Min - Don Yates, better known as "Hollywood" is an entertainer, Actor, bullfighter and rodeo clown. He has spent upward of 30 years in the rodeo entertaining audiences with his fearless approach to wow the crowd and build the sport of rodeo.

21) If the Good Lord's Willin' - Runtime 4 Min - Heather Thomas Van Deren's chart-topping Christian Country song, "If the Good Lord's Willin'"!!

22) Jack Wyatt and the Gun from Hell - Runtime 86 Min - After rescuing a mysterious drifter from certain death, a gold miner named Jack Wyatt is gifted a cursed pistol with unspeakable power. Little does he know that a gang of outlaws, led by the evil Thane Maddox, is searching for the notorious Gun from Hell.

23) Just An Old Barn - Runtime 3 Min - A woman returns to the place where her grandfather gave her many life lessons.

24) Kill them all and Don't Come Back Alone - Runtime 25 Min - Carol tries everything to rescue her daughter, who has been kidnapped by the "Rubio" gang after the bank robbery. All hope seems to fade for Carol, even praying.

25) Kristin Wants a Car - Runtime 24 Min A 16-year-old girl needs help getting her first car. (Filmed during the pandemic while everyone was in lockdown.) (World Premier)

26) Lady Bandit of Arizona  - Runtime 13 Min - This short film is based on a true story of a Canadian woman, born in Ontario, who was so enthralled after seeing Buffalo Bill's Wild West show in the late 1800s, that she decided she wanted to move out west. She not only moved out west, she became an outlaw, known as the Lady Bandit of Arizona.

27) Looking for One Good Cowboy - Runtime 5 Min - Baxter Black cowboy poet wrote this song for my friend Susie Knight award winning cowgirl poet/singer, I created this video of Susie looking everywhere for One Good Cowboy, a clever cameo w Baxter Black in video, it's fun and does she find her cowboy? Watch it and find out.

28) Miner's Candle  - Runtime 17 Min Granted with a new ambitious start on life, a silver miner finds himself caught up with the devil and a bad hand.

29) Moon Crossing  - Runtime 34 Min - Period Western, 1882, revenge for the death of a brother.

30) Nolan - Runtime 28 Min - 1800's western, Nolan goes to break his brothers out of jail, with the help of two other outlaw gangs...some comedy....great gunfight...ends well for towns people.

31) No More Tears  - Runtime 6 Min - Recorded specifically for the short film/pilot, "Ghost Trippers."
This brand new supergroup who call themselves E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), got together and recorded this entire cover song, all in the comfort of their homes.

32) Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland  - Runtime 50 Min A bounty hunter in a post apocalyptic wasteland
is hired to track down an outlaw. But he's not the only one out looking for her, and the job is nothing like he expected

33) On the edge (À la lisière)  - Runtime 26 Min - A pioneer woman finds herself alone on the road to the conquest of the West...Her husband tragically dead, she goes alone in unknown land in the hope of finding their last horse.

34) Paradise  - Runtime 19 Min - Would a dead man lie? In a world without rain, two sisters search for water to survive but find much more.

35) Prisoner of the Desert  - Runtime 13 Min - An aging gold seeker and his newfound pupil comb the desert for a fabled buried treasure.

36) Ride Free Or Die  - Runtime 29 Min - Ride Free Or Die is an insider's look into the political world of motorcycle clubs. The clubs are fighting for their constitutional rights against what they perceive as law enforcement profiling and harassment. The documentary features Mongols MC, Outsiders MC, Devils Diciples MC, Sin City Deciples, ATF, and clubs from all over America.

37) Robo Hills Texas  - Runtime 18 Min - Nothing much ever happens in the quiet, sleepy town of Robo Hills Texas....
until today. When 2 strangers appear in town it is up to the town sheriff who is on the brink of retirement to determine who is good, who is evil, who is right, who is wrong and who will live and who will die. Is it the end of the story or just the beginning?

38) Roxy  - Runtime 9 Min - Roxy is a special kind of ranch dog that works her magic at the TZ Ranch, wrangling elite bucking bulls.

39) Showdown on the Brazos - Runtime 2 Min - Two Texas Rangers are commissioned to save the small town of Brazos. Out numbered and out gunned, the Rangers take on the challenge

40) Smoking Gun  - Runtime 10 Min - A old bartender is ready to close up his bar due to tough times when a couple of previously rebel soldiers turned outlaws enter the bar and stir things up.

41) Soledad (solitude)  - Runtime 15 Min - Alma is a hardworking and devoted wife struggling to maintain a happy marriage. She reaches her breaking point after a long day of work and is forced to decide between taking her life or her husband’s.

42) Song of the Open Road  - Runtime 4 Min - A cinematic setting of the poem "Song of the Open Road" by Walt Whitman, with excerpts recited by Ed Begley.

43) Stranger in the Night  - Runtime 8 Min - Woman almost falls asleep driving on a dark rainy night so she picks up
a hitchhiker to keep her company. He is "The Stranger in the Night".

44) Terminator: Bad Judgment Day  - Runtime 6 Min - Future soldier Kyle Reese has one job -- to protect Sarah Conner, how hard can that be? Reese's commanding officer is about to find out.

45) Texas Wines  - Runtime 30 Min - A short Documentary taking you through the Texas Wine industry of the early years of how it began, to where it is now and how the wine industry has boomed along with international recognition.

46) The Ballad of Emma Wright - Runtime 23 Min - Late 1800's - Housewife Emma Wright lives her life feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and "trapped" by her husband. Out in this small desert town, she dreams of moving to the more modern and fast paced lifestyle of New York city. Her husband, William Wright, is a hard working, caring, and honest man. Emma realizes there is no way she can ever leave this town or her husband for the big city life - unless of course, William's life is cut short.

47) The Bounty Men - Runtime 79 Min - After the civil war has ended, Daniel King, a retired militiaman, rides to a small deserted Texas town to take a bounty hunting a war criminal named John Dooling. Soon after his arrival, Daniel enlists the help of Tellie, the local bar maid, and her nephew Parker who also want to see John Dooling brought to justice for the murder of Parker's parents. (World Premier)

48) The Count - Runtime 10 Min - After a bitter outburst injures their kindhearted friend, two slow-witted ranch hands hatch a fanciful plan to remedy the troublesome situation.

49) The Crusade of Felipe Espinosa - Runtime 13 Min - Set in 1860's Colorado, two Hispanic fugitives remain elusive after murdering dozens of Anglo-Americans -- a lifestyle rooted in the aftermath of a recent culture clash. Decades of ill-treatment against their heritage and families is their fuel for a bloody rebellion. Inspired by true events.

50) The Door - Runtime 15 Min - A middle aged man finds a mysterious old door in the woods. Upon entering, unintentionally sends himself to the old west and ends up having to fight a violent outlaw for his survival.

51) The Last Bullet - Runtime 14 Min - Set in the 1880 frontier of Texas. Two children are suddenly thrown into the role
of protectors of their family and cabin against vicious outlaws.

52) The Lights of Dawn - Runtime 15 Min - In 1955, Alec Guinness and James Dean met up in Hollywood. One week later, the rebel boy died. Was it really a tragic twist of fate? A melodrama inspired by the 80s musicals like Xanadu, based on true events.

53) The Mystery Murder - Runtime 15 Min - Mark thinks he throws the best parties and he's invited his friends to prove it. A fancy mansion. A murder mystery. And his best bud by his side. The only thing that could go wrong is the guest list.

55) tHe uNspoken bAdge - Runtime 30 Min - 1881... an aged bedridden sheriff struggles to separate tattered realities as his family watches death overshadow the carcass of his mind since dwindled brittle by dementia.

55) Time Will Let Me - Runtime 17 Min - We all make choices in life, and some of those choices could possibly
impact our lives in monumental ways. When Ricky tells his girlfriend Nicole about his new invention which will change their lives she is naturally skeptical until an elderly stranger steps in and gives her a glimpse into events that might or might not happen.

56) Wasteland - Runtime 5 Min - Two rugged cowboys, stranded in a barren wasteland, play chess on a chest full of gold. Winner gets the last bullet in a revolver, for all the gold in the world is meaningless when you're stranded in a scorching desert with no water.

57) Who Is It? - Runtime 94 Min - Inept criminals are put on edge, as one of their own seems to have turned against them.

58) W.U.B.L.O (Weird Unidentified Baby-Like Organism) - Runtime 11 Min - Catch that WUBLO! It’s a race against time as seven kids scramble for custody of a mysterious alien creature.
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