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Sonya White Comedy
March 19/21 2021 
@ The Coleman Theatre
103 N. Main St. Miami, OK
[email protected]
1. A Cthulhu Story: A young photographer buys a film camera, after he develops the film left inside the camera he finds out a monstery image the previous owner captured 30 years ago. 

2. Alina: As Nazis separate children from their parents in the Warsaw Ghetto, a gang of women risks everything to smuggle their friend's three-month-old baby to safety. Inspired by true events. 

3. Amazing Grace: A story of a young woman looking after her father, a Vietnam Veteran struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, in which dealing with the challenges of everyday life can require an extraordinary amount of patience, understanding, love… and grace. Inspired by true events.

4. A Monster Within: After an outbreak of monsters being reported, a man must fight to survive and help save his sister.

5. Anybody Out There? My 13yr old daughter and I wrote & recorded this original song during the first week of Quarantine in our California dining room with whatever out-of-tune instruments & pitch-deprived vocalists we could find. We shot the video using an iPhone in our backyard over the course of two days, sun & rain.

6. Begin Again: A couple takes us on a journey exploring mental illness in relationships.

7. Blue Sky: The Imaginaries leave the familiar and go on an adventure to pursue their dream - together. 

8. BLVD: On a school campus ruled by cancel culture, a young athlete fights to clear his name. 

9. Calf Rope: During the summer of '66, a former rodeo champion and cattle auctioneer from Oklahoma bonds tightly with his young grandson from suburban Pennsylvania while teaching him a few tricks from his previous trades. Shot entirely in rural Pennsylvania, Calf Rope captures the intense love that grandparents often share with their grandchildren and the legacy that lives on long after they have gone.

10. Consumer Burger: Ever thought you were getting a good deal only to find it raw between the buns? Well, that's what happens when in Consumer Burger. The plot is about the Customer, an old hippie traveling across America, who thinks he has found the holy grill, I mean grail, of hamburgers for just 10 cents! 

11. Courageous Mice: Ginger Orzábal, a young gentlemouse from the Royal Mice Navy, wants to take revenge on the pirate gang responsible for the disappearing of his mother: a dangerous group of cats, leaded by the cold and relentless Captain Black. Ginger, with the help of his brother, Thyme “Bigtail” Orzábal, will embark on the adventure of his life.

12. Cowboy Boots: Cowboy Boots is a pop country western tune originally written by singer songwriter Nikki Morgan (guitar & lead vocalist) about the importance of having dependable shoes in which to move through life in, with as much grace as possible. 

13. Dreams of Petaluma: Overview of the faith-based feature screenplay, "Dreams of Petaluma", including voiceover dialogue and captioned pictorial representations of the story. Set to the original song, "Home to Petaluma", written by Jeanne Dukes, the screenwriter.

14. Drug Abuse & Mechanical Pencils: A daughter recounts her experiences with her father and his addiction. 

15. Epilogue: Alex is trying to pick up the pieces of her life after a traumatic event but is still haunted by nightmarish visions and guilt-ridden feelings. 

16. Goodbye: A couples romantic journey through life.

17. Good Counsel: A desperate couple seeks professional marital advice. As the chaos in their marriage boils to the surface, the darkest truth is exposed.

18. Her Name Was No One: Two battered and cunning sisters unleash hell in a desert town run by a murderous band of cut-throats.

19. Hit on Me: A secret rendezvous sparks chemistry between two slighted lovers, but as the night unfolds they learn that the devil is always in the details! 

20. If You Can Walk, You Can Dance: Elsa Perez, a brilliant choreographer, teacher and dancer aged 85, returns to the country of her birth, with all it's memories of oppression and denied opportunities for her, but it's a journey of self discovery - This music video shows Elsa dancing with the teenage Riel Dancers who although very impoverished, show that dancing can transcend all age groups.

21. I’m Staying Right Here (Music Video) The original song "I'm Staying Right Here" is from the independent feature film "Unspoken". A movie about a man struggling with his feelings for his best friend's wife. 

22. Inage'i (In The Woods) Performed entirely in the Cherokee Language, Inage'i follows four animal friends in their adventures on Turtle Island.

23. Indians, Outlaws, Marshals and the Hangin' Judge: While set in the late 19th century, the stories documented in this film resonate today: gun violence, racial strife, police brutality and American Indian rights. This is a true tale of Indian removal, crime, capital punishment and a charismatic federal judge who sentenced scores of felons to "hang by the neck until you are dead." 

24. I See Hope: The Official Music Video for singer-songwriter Phil Circle's new single, "I See Hope." Recorded in quarantine between Chicago and Los Angeles, featuring quarantine video submissions from 20 friends and family.

25. I've Got Your 6: This emotional and inspiring movie was filmed with only US military veterans on camera. When a WWII veteran escapes from the nursing home to go see his farm one last time sets a path no one could have imagined. The deputy who finds the man soon bonds with him as they realize they both served in the Army during war time. When a battle begins over when to bring in the WWII veteran in, other veterans come to protect the WWII veteran. 

26. Javelina Run: Two idiot ranch hands pretend to be fugitive train robbers to get attention from the ladies at an old west saloon.

27. Just One More: Roberto is on the pool table, the girl he likes places the triangle for him, the customers have become fans and the eyes of the whole world are on his next shot. And like all of us, we wonder: what will be his next hit? The fame, the money, the girl ... everything is on the table.

28. La Gringa: La Gringa; a rough and tough cowgirl, has to change the rules to get what she wants in a small pueblo in Mexico.

29. Lightforce, Loveforce, Lifeforce: A personal essay film documenting the struggles, from the point of view, of a budding artist with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 

30. Lillian: A teenager cares for her younger sibling and multi-ethnic local orphans in the face of danger after her Grandmother is killed surrendering to the Mexican Army toward the end of the Texas Revolution.

31. Miracle In The Valley: Boonville, California – 1906. A 13-year-old girl, born out of wedlock, is scorned by many in her small town. She struggles to find her place in the world and desperately searches for the truth about her real father. 

32. Nebula: A girl receives a box where she finds a sinister photo. Then some strange things start to happen.

33. Our Shot: Filmmaker Sage Christian Drake shares his feelings and passion for his latest experimental film on life appreciation and the limited time that we all carry.

34. Over The Line: Growing up is hard, and for some it's harder. Young and impressionable Tony grew up in the late 1980's club rock scene where drugs and women were easily accessible. Tony flashes back to his memories of this time as a grown man in therapy. Will Tony find the closure he so deeply desires?

35. Passt Schon: In the triangle country it is very beautiful. Blue sea, sunny and good air. But there is too little work. So the triangle family decides to emigrate to the square country. Daddy quickly finds work. But life is hard. They do not fit through the square doors. And some squares claim that the triangles do not fit at all into the quadrangle country. Idea and implementation: 5 - 6 year old children of a day care center in a difficult social environment.

36. Potion for Passion: When Frances discovers his wife's sexual apathy, he goes on a journey to rekindle the fire in his marriage. He soon finds himself recruiting the help of a mysterious sex shop owner who promises his troubles will be fixed with a unique potion. But Frances finds himself in deep trouble after drinking the cocktail and must face the humorously dark consequences.

37. Pretty Little Warriors: Paisley: During a prom makeover, a makeup artist blends scripture and Kung Fu to help a bullied teen stand up for herself.

38. Prospectors "The Forgiven": The Steady escalation of crime in a growing town right after the civil war has an effect on several locals as to how to deal with the travelers and gold prospectors.

39. SaaSy: At an interview for a SaaS startup, Angela Wiggins meets the eccentric employees. She is smitten by the disgruntled salesman, Jack Murphy. Is their spark enough to get them through the workday?

40. Send Me Wings: Send Me Wings tells the story of a woman who inherits a church in her hometown, returns to sell it, and discovers a sick boy staying there, forcing her to confront her past and her purpose. 

41. Senior Discount'd: is practically a dramatic documentary. Modern medicine has allowed most people to live healthier lives longer. Yet when people reach a certain age level there is a stigma in the business world to not employ them. In getting older there are also effects that many of the audience will identify when watching Senior Discount'd. There are a number of key points in the film - suicide prevention, being unemployable only because of your age, seeking God's will, and trying to decide what to do when the bottom falls out.

42.  Showdown on the Brazos: Nate Jones, a notorious outlaw, takes over the town of Brazos. The Governor sends two Texas Rangers in to clean the town up and arrest Nate Jones.

43. Stage Fright: Paruresis is a phobia in which a person is unable to urinate in real or imaginary presence of others. Those who suffer from it know it by another name, Stage Fright. 

44. Thank You 5: A fully improvised comedy featuring an ensemble of emerging Chicago-based actors tells the story of a fictional company of floundering thespians as they attempt to stage a production of 'Prelude to a Tradition,' an original work by playwright and director Kurt McAbbott. The film begins on the first day of rehearsal and follows the cast through tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal and into the play's opening night as the cast and crew argue, bicker, fall in love, fall out of love, and generally clash while attempting to collaborate.

45. The Eraser: Young sketch artist realizes world changing powers.

46. The Four Horsemen: A western-short, set in 1874 - 75, “The Four Horsemen” follows the exploits of a notorious and vicious outlaw gang hell bent on thieven' and killin' anyone who gets in their way. When they push the local law too far, the townsfolk are forced to call in reinforcements. 

47. The Funeral: A young man must organize a funeral for his mother while keeping an eye out for his psychotic father, stoned brother, jealous girlfriend, and an aroused florist. 

48. The Girl Next Door: A prodigy musician trapped in a rural town fights for her freedom to achieve greatness.

49. The Song of the Sea:  In a small town of the Celtic coast, an old legend is haunting the inhabitants. Young men disappear at sea. Is it the devil's work? Or an evil creature's from the ancient world? Leon and his friends decide to investigate, even if it means going down the abyss.

50. The Umbrella: Lao Beng, an Alzheimer's impaired gentleman has to find his way home, and the only way to do it is by retracing his memory of his absent son.

51. This Old Violin: A young couple’s marriage is torn apart after the death of their new born baby. But a magical force disguised as an Old Violin will test their love for each other. 

52. Totsu (Redbird): An indigenous woman must confront a mysterious predator in parallel worlds of prehistory and dystopian future. 

53. Tuco's Dream: Poor Tuco Pobrecito - His life is a shambles, but he finds success in his dream.

54. U Can 2: Making people realize no matter what you have gone through in life there is HOPE!! U Can 2 Overcome and Move On!

55. Vincent's Vow: Thirty-year-old Vincent Lovell is challenged to stop lusting and start learning what the true meaning of love is. He accepts the challenge after his friend D'Qwell Carter chastises him. He desires the beautiful Lena Carlyle, who is dating a short-tempered strong man, Devon. During Vincent's research about love, he discovers the current hate-filled condition the world is in, and concludes that love is the cure. A story of commitment and vows, and definitions of love that the world at large has all but forgot. 

56. Walking On A Wire: The couple endures a tireless quest through the desert to find their way and one another with glimpses of another world giving them hope and direction along the way.

57. We Left As Brothers: Fifty years after the end of the Vietnam War, six US veterans return to Vietnam to make peace with their experiences. 

58. Westside Shelter: Around 5 PM every evening buses start arriving at a former prison on the high barren mesa 20 miles west of Albuquerque. The Westside Emergency Shelter will sleep 400 homeless men, women and children tonight. And buses will take them back to the city in the morning, It is a place of unsuspecting beauty, grace and grit. This film spends 2 days and a night there.

59. Zap!: An astronomer sharing online backyard observations of the center of our galaxy has a run-in with mosquitoes, and a not so trusty bug zapper. 
1. 7 Souls A true story of missionaries who in 1993 survived a plane crash, and were rescued from the Bering Sea after over an hour in the freezing sea waters.

2. A Lasting First Impression - A fresh widow seeking closure tracks down her husband's mistress in the most peculiar way.

3. A Little Justice - After Ramiro Guerra dies in police custody, Deputy Patrick Feeney sets out to investigate the death only to be drawn into a web of intrigue as he falls for Guerra's sister and faces forces willing to stop his investigation at any cost.

4. And The Weeds Grow Taller - (Long Form TV Pilot Script) In rural Texas, every day is a work day, even Sunday. That don’t mean you don’t pray..in these parts, you pray every day. You pray your family is safe, your children get a good education, you pray your cows get fed, the crops get rain and you pray that your oil well comes in. Seems like nothing ever changes in the dusty North Texas town of Beaver Creek. Except, the rumors keep gettin’ bigger and the weeds grow taller.

5. Blaze of Glory - John Morrison, a retired Texas Senator, receives a call informing him that an old friend and Civil War comrade, Holt Collier, has died so John and his grandson travels to Greenville, Mississippi, for the wake.

6. Call Me Thor - All twelve year-old Julian Bianco wants out of life is to be in a heavy metal band with his best friend. But, life has other plans. When his wealthy criminal of a father starts a custody battle and his mother gets pregnant by her abusive live-in boyfriend, Julian and his mom go on the run and into hiding from the men who refuse to let them go.

7. Cracksmen - Cracksmen are a new class of criminal that specialize in slipping into an alternate dimension to commit crimes. Jake is one of the best, but to escape the mob, he has to strike a deal that will get him in trouble with syndicates on both sides of reality.

8. Dreams of Petaluma - When an ambitious young woman grudgingly puts her success on hold to visit her widowed grandmother's vineyard, her life-long cynicism collides with her grandfather's legacy of unmovable faith and the boy who never gave up on her.

9. Evil Unmasked - This emotionally charged and captivating script is based on a true story of love, marriage, betrayal, greed and survival. Ben, a handsome chararistic man and Patty, his beautiful and devoted wife create a family and build a multi-million dollar business together. When life brings its inevitable problems, the family business begins to crumble and Patty sees the darker side of Ben, his hunger for money, lust for women and a trail of fraud and embezzlement. Patty soon realizes that isolation and abuse were all part of Ben's plan to control her, never imagining it could lead to murder. 

10. Interior Lives - Interior Lives follows the lives of several teenagers in their senior year of high school reflecting back on the past and having to grow up fast.

11. In Your Arms Tonight - A young maid contemplates her future, after having an affair with her rich employer, who is helping is wife recover after she was sexually assaulted a year ago.

12. Necropolis - (Long Form TV Pilot Script) When an 18-year-old boy is seduced by the darkest, most violent part of the city to uncover the truth about what happened to his father; his sister has less than a week to find him and bring him back before he succumbs to the same fate as their father.

13. Non-Official Cover (Long Form TV Pilot Script) This is a modern, historic fiction 8-part series. When a former CIA operative who has worked under Non-Official Cover in political hotspots from the Soviet Union to Pakistan to Sudan is discovered to have been on Flight 11, the first plane to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11, her grieving husband joins together with her former mentor to protect her legacy, while the CIA launches an investigation into her history to uncover why she was on Flight 11.

14. No One Will Know Me - Parry Strafford is a failing singer-songwriter from the middle of nowhere whose career won’t start because no one will listen to his songs. When his friends convince him to perform a new rendition of a popular cover, he can’t begin to fathom where it will take him. 

15. One Way Out - After drinks and dinner at a local bar in Chicago, an unsuspecting mid 20's couple, Karyn and Marcus, enter a train station headed home. Having targeted them before they even left the bar, a psychopath named Benjamin begins twisting their reality and toying with their minds.

16. Pulse of My Heart - Victor, a promising actor, delivers a knockout performance in a lackluster play. Backstage he meets Dymphna, an aspiring actress. After a night of passion, Dymphna confesses she’s in an open marriage and has a child. Dymphna tells her husband, Kyle, about Victor. As the relationship between Victor and Dymphna deepens, Kyle foresees that he could lose Dymphna to Victor so he devises a plan to tear Victor and Dymphna apart.

17. Senior Discount'd - A short story dealing with our aging segment, a search for meaning, and suicide prevention. A day in the life of a man who always had the good life until it completely crumbles because he reached a certain age.

18. Social Distancing - Based on a story by Willow Hale, Social Distancing tells the story of suburban friends who find that the specter of Covid 19 and modern politics can tax the best of relationships.

19. Synchrony - (Long Form TV Pilot Script) A software company has changed the dating game allowing high class citizens the ability to create their perfect humanoid lover. This government controlled entity has brainwashed the masses into thinking that this is to provide a happy and safe future. Everyone is convinced human connection is dead but is it really?

20. Take Out - On the eve of winning his first World Championship, a rodeo cowboy known for riding the "bad ones" , has drawn a dark horse.

21. TESStosterone - An overly competitive woman who emasculates her boyfriends tries to become more ladylike in order to win back her ex-boyfriend before her only opportunity to have a baby expires.

22. The 12 Diaz of Christmas A wealthy, lonely, childless retired couple find out that the husband has a son from his high school sweetheart that he never knew about. Anxious to meet his son he invites him and his family to their Beverly Hills home for Thanksgiving. His son has been raised in the back hills of Tennessee. His family consists of 9 kids and a 8.9 month pregnant wife, and a pot belly pig. Chaos follows. A story of love renewed and the Joy of Christmas rekindled. 

23. The Car Alarm - A couple driving down the road as their car security system operator comes on and tells them there has been sexual activity detected in the car. This sets up a torrid argument on who is at fault only to find out the Security System had the wrong car. With an amazing and surprise ending, makes this screenplay laughable throughout the short movie.

24. The Reckoning - Set in the 1880s two Texas Rangers set out two rescue a Judges daughter from an escaped prisoner the Judge had sent to prison two years before.

25. The Strong Survive - After the sudden death of their mother, a 12-year-old boy and his sister have to move in with their estranged father and readjust to their new life.

26. 'Til the End of Summer - A young woman with a terminal illness must cope with her inevitable death, while trying not to burden those closest to her.

27. West Bound 18 Wheeler - An action-oriented western comedy adventure. When two trucker buddies drive through a raging sandstorm, they are propelled back in time to the bygone days of the American Old West, Tractor / Trailer and all!. With the Cowboys and Indians giving chase, it's just one adventure after another-as our hero's race to "get out of Dodge" and find their way back to the present day...with their hides intact.

28. Wide as the Western Sky - When an aspiring young country-western singer vows to honor his faith above his career, he encounters frustrating delays and opposition that threaten to destroy his dreams. A modern-day reflection of the life of Abraham.

29. Zombie The Musical - Experience the zombie apocalypse; filled with unrequited love, monster hunters, and German scientists… all in song! 
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