March 23/24 2019 
The Goddard Center
401 1st Ave SW, Ardmore, OK
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12. Best Director (Short)
      George Meyers (Not Your Day)
      Israel Marquez (Haley's Angel)
      Kyle Kauwika Harris (Los Americanos)
      David Mandell (Tea Time with Mr.Patterson) 
      Daniel Ståhl (For It Is Written)
      Nicholas Zebrun (Requiem For a Shallow Heart)

13. Best Cinematography (Feature)
      Benson Greene (Down and Yonder)
      Ryan Penington (Funny Fat Guy)
      Elias Talbot (Caretakers)

14. Best Cinematography (Short)
      Kelly Perreur-Lloyd (Death Mask for Dada) 
      Christian Kristensen (For It Is Written)
      Joel Brooks (Moon Crossing)
      Wojciech Kielar (Desert Rose)
      Andy Choi - Working on Air

15. Best Foreign Film
      When the Music Stops Playing (Spain)
      El Encargo - The Request (Mexico)
      Douce Nuit - Silent Night (France)
      For It Is Written - (Sweden)
      La Puerta Del Infierno - The Hell's Door - (Spain)
      Nora - (Spain)
      Working on Air - (South Korea) 

16. Best Child Actor
      1st Donnie Masihi (Tea Time with Mr.Patterson)
      2nd Jasiel Blanco (Los Americanos)
      3rd Diego Gurpegui (When The Music Stops Playing)

17. Best Child Actress
      1st Ivy George (Tea Time with Mr.Patterson)
      2nd Kenna Valadez (Haley's Angel)

​18. Best Music Score
      Abel Becerra (Haley's Angel)
      Bill and Bonnie Hearne (New Mexico Rain)
      Jacquie Lee - Right Love (Tea Time with Mr.Patterson)
      Jennifer Thomas & Kimberly StarKey (The Fire Within)
      Johanna Smitz (For It Is Written) 
      Gusi Gusano (El Encargo - The Request)

19. Best Documentary
      New Mexico Rain: The Story of Bill & Bonnie Hearne
      A Gold Star Father
      Below Average Brain
      Get Riel
      Ridin' Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars
      West End​​

20. Best Animation
      Pee Free Pool

21. Best Drama Feature
      Little Rose
      Down and Yonder
      Funny Fat Guy 

22. Best Drama Short
      Tea Time with Mr.Patterson
      Not Your Day 
      Working on Air

23. Best Comedy - IT'S A TIE!!!
      Funny Fat Guy
      A Cattastrophe
      Running on Indian Time
      Draw Your Gun

Event Details
1. Best Feature Film 
    Down and Yonder
    Little Rose
    Beneath - A Cave Horror Film
    Funny Fat Guy

2. Best Short
    Desert Rose 
    Haley's Angel
    Los Americanos
    Tea Time with Mr.Patterson
    For It Is Written
    Requiem For a Shallow Heart

3. Best Actor (Feature)
    George Loomis (Caretakers)
    Chris Schulz (Down and Yonder)
    Ronald Calzolari (Little Rose)
    Enzo Monfre (Beneath - A Cave Horror Film)
    Sandy Danto (Funny Fat Guy)

4. Best Actress (Feature)
    Vivica A. Fox (Caretakers)
    Brandi Barbee (Little Rose)
    Shelley Dennis (Funny Fat Guy)
    Brooke Mckinney (Beneath - A Cave Horror Film)
    Emily Landham (Down and Yonder)

5. Best Supporting Actor (Feature)
    Geoff James (Down and Yonder) 
    Jed Fox ( Little Rose)
    Michael Morris (Beneath - A Cave Horror Film)
    Marcus Stewart (Funny Fat Guy) 
    Christopher Cousins (Caretakers)

6. Best Supporting Actress (Feature)
    Missi Pyle (Caretakers)
    Katie Causey (Down and Yonder)
    Phoenix Sloane (Little Rose)
    Meghan Forbes (Beneath - A Cave Horror Film)

7. Best Actor (Short) 
    George Meyers (Not Your Day)
    Abel Becerra (Haley's Angel)
    David Mandell (Tea Time with Mr.Patterson) 
    Martin Nick Alexandersson (For It Is Written)
    LaRonn Marzett (Impaired)
    Shawn Gann (Requiem For a Shallow Heart)
    Moe Headrick (Moon Crossing)

8. Best Actress (Short) 
    Katreeva Phillips (Requiem For a Shallow Heart)
    Edna Garcia (Los Americanos)
    Johanna Smitz (For It Is Written)
    Bryanna Lott-Verhelle (Impaired)
    Ivy George (Tea Time with Mr.Patterson)
    Kate Cobb (Desert Rose)

9. Best Supporting Actor (Short)
    Mark Adam Goff (Los Americanos)
    Todd Terry (Them)
    Robert Karlsson (For It Is Written)
    Bill Brewer (The Sun)
    Bob Fanucchi (Moon Crossing) 

10. Best Supporting Actress (Short) 
     Emily Osment (Tea Time with Mr.Patterson) 
     Harriet Brewer (The Sun)
     Laura Petersen (The Smiling Strangers)
     Chenny Cortez (Heroes Are Forever)

11. Best Director (Feature)
     George Loomis (Caretakers) 
     Christopher Flippo (Down and Yonder)
     Charles Stanley (Little Rose)
     JJ Perez (Beneath - A Cave Horror Film)
     Ryan Penington (Funny Fat Guy)


Best Feature Film - (Down and Yonder)

Best Short Film - (Haley's Angel)

Best Documentary (Get Riel)

Best Comedy (Running on Indian Time)

Best Cinematography - Christian Kristensen (For It Is Written)

Best Western (Desert Rose)

Horror/Thriller - (Requiem For a Shallow Heart)

Best Rodeo Film - (West End)

Best Drama - (Little Rose)

Best Sci-fi Film - (Deadtime Travels)

Best Music Score - Johanna Smitz (For It Is Written)

Best Foreign Film - El Encargo - (The Request)

Best Female Filmmaker - (Elaine Smith) - Ridin' Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars

Best Romance Film - La Puerta Del Infierno - (The Hell's Door) 

Best Student Film - (A Gold Star Father)

Best Oklahoma Made Film - (Six Chairs and a Trunk)

Best 1st Time Filmmaker - (Funny Fat Guy)

Best Veteran Film - (A Gold Star Father)
24. Best Western
      Draw Your Gun
      Moon Crossing
      El Encargo - The Request
      Desert Rose
      For it is Written

25. Best Horror/Thriller
      El Encargo - The Request
      Requiem For a Shallow Heart
      Beneath - A Cave Horror Movie Film
      The Highway

26. Best Student Film
      A Gold Star Father
      The Sun
      Summer Reading (Some Are Not...)
      For It Is Written

27. Best Romance
      Little Rose
      No Match
      La Puerta Del Infierno - The Hell's Door 

28. Best Sci-Fi
      The Smiling Strangers
      Deadtime Travels

29. Best Rodeo Film
      Ridin' Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars
      West End

30. Best Oklahoma Made Film
      The Winner Of This Award is sponsored by the 

      Six Chairs and a Trunk
      A Cattastrophe
      Los Americanos
      The Sun
      The Highway
      Running on Indian Time
      Little Rose

31. Best 1st Time Filmmaker
      Death Mask for Dada
      Funny Fat Guy
      Haley's Angel
      Get Riel
      The Highway
      Draw Your Gun
      For It Is Written

32. Best Veteran Film
      Heroes Are Forever
      A Gold Star Father
      Roses Are Read

33. Best Faith Based Film - For It Is Written

34. Best Music Video - The Fire Within

35. Best Female Filmmaker - Moira Rowan (Get Riel)

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2019 Nominations

      Indian Billy Ice by Jerry Ice

     1st Place Award
     Arizona Sunrise by John Martins III

     2nd Place Award
     Trial by Trial by John Martins III 

    3rd Place Award
    Death Whispers by John Martins III 

    4th Place Award
    Broken Dreams by Ron Hervey

    Sunny Side Up Award
    Bonnie & Claud's Home for the Holidays 
    by Caitlin Stedman

    Over Easy Award
    The Rifle Diana Lee Woody

    Scrambled Award
    Natural Weekend by David Orvis

    Honorable Mention
    Transgression by Al Mertens

    Honorable Mention
    Land West Of Arkansas by Gerald Huckleberry

    Honorable Mention
    Blood is My Fate by Zach Ball

    Honorable Mention
    A Future Romance by John Martins III

    Festival Director's Choice
    Pinwheel by Michael McDonald

    Best 1st Time Screenwriter​
    Rodeo Rock Record Shop by Devin Dugan


1st Place: "Working on Air"

2ndPlace  "When The Music Stops Playing"

3rd Place "Beneath - A Cave Horror Film"

4th Place "Roses Are Read"
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