A Touch of Magic - 23 Min 
An elderly magician, in danger of losing his home to foreclosure and his wife to a debilitating stroke, gets a second chance at redemption with a last-minute act of bravery.

Atascosa - 14 Min
Proof of Concept for Cold Opening of Atascosa TV Pilot

Bang! - 6 Min
A police offer confronts his criminal brother about his recent crimes. He must decide to let him go, arrest him, or kill him before his brother strikes.

Burton Rocks Calling - 31 Min
Burton Rocks' health left him isolated. So, he started calling some of America's biggest stars. They answered.

Carving Season - 8 Min
On Halloween night, young Daniel Hayes put on a mask and after 30 years of being incarcerated...he never took it off.

Cheese Sisters - 30 Min
Summoned by an estate attorney, two complete strangers, Alex and Ronnie, are shocked to find out that not only are they sisters but they're both named in their biological father's will. Only there's a catch. Can Ronnie and Alex abide by the terms in the will and keep their inheritance?

Death by King Cake - 16 Min
Daisy Moreau’s dream is to become an actress and her goal is to get into a Performing Arts School. She must present her family background to the admissions director which may be a challenge - considering Daisy’s family history which includes professional wrestling, blackmail, and a deadly plastic baby.

Death in Lavender - 10 Min
Secrets begin to unravel after the untimely passing of the patriarch of the Pennington family.

Double-Crossed in El Paso - 16 Min
Double-Crossed in El Paso is a short film depicted in the late 1800's in the southwestern United States. A group of four horsemen conspire a daring scheme to get money fast, but things don't go according to plan. What was supposed to be the perfect plan turned into the perfect storm as the West becomes a landscape for a wild showdown!

Dream Loop - 8 Min
A young lady is in her bedroom stuck in a series of nightmares.

Ego (Ava Della Pietra - official music video) - 3 Min

Ego Interrogation - 5 Min
After being questioned for their past mistakes by the critical "Superego", the overly defensive "Ego" has an identity crisis when facing the painful truth of who they really are.

Enough of You (Music Video) - 4 Min
The couple sing to each other and the camera to the fiery groove of their original as heard in 'Mending The Line' feature film!

Farmer's Luck (Music Video) - 7 Min
This video focuses on the story of Oklahoma farmers loosing their farms to the creation of the 200 plus man-made lakes in Oklahoma during the 1960s. The songwriter's grandparents were directly affected. The project includes family photos and images of the low-lands that were lost and now underwater across the state.

Finding Nicole - 90 Min
Based on the true story of Nicole Beverly and her children surviving and overcoming Domestic Violence.

Fotonovela - 4 Min
An old photograph triggers a search for identity.

Future Tense - 14 Min
Miles Oblander, a quantum physicist stationed at the South Pole discovers a coded warning emanating from the ice and must decide if he is brave enough to follow the clues in face of unknown peril.

Geronimo's Revenge (Trailer) - 2 Min
Teaser trailer with video taken directly from my film for the feature film Geronimo's Revenge.

Go Camp with Aurora LaRay - Dodge City, KS - 23 Min
Web Series/Documentary about the fun filled adventures & sites to see and do in Dodge City, KS.

Gone - 14 Min
After the death of his father, Michael begins to see the specter of his dad wherever he goes. Michael quickly learns that just because someone is dead, does not mean they are gone.

Halfway to Heaven - 10 Min
This is a short comedy/drama about a young man whose best friend recently passed away, but he returns to earth to spend some time with his best buddy. it's a touching story about true friends and the strong bond they have that remains even after death.

Happy Halloween - 97 Min
A dysfunctional teen returns home after she survives a brutal Halloween prank only to have a new nightmare unfold while trapped inside with friends in tow, they must escape a corn maze before they become the killer’s next Halloween decoration.

Honey - 15 Min
Honey tells an unconventional romance story between Ruth, an elderly widowed beekeeper, and Otto, a mysterious elderly produce vendor at a local farmers market. We follow Ruth through her journey of loneliness and guilt as she considers a new relationship and takes the first step toward being happy again.

Hope Lost - 13 Min
A man battles with his inner demons and takes him on a journey of discovery to find hope.

Illusion of Choice - 9 Min
A man finds his way into a garage while on the run from something mysterious. There, he wonders who is behind the ominous garage door.

Jamie Campbell: Big Dad Energy | Comedy Special - 57 Min
A stand-up comedy special about fatherhood . . . from a guy who doesn't have children.

Kristin Wants a Car - 25 Min
A 16-year-old girl needs help getting her first car.

Masked - 7 Min
Cursed to wear a different mask in every new relationship, Ace is thrown for a loop when he meets Alice, a girl who seems to share his same affliction.

Mermagic - 5 Min
Lucy is granted three wishes by Marina the Magic Mermaid, but things don't quite go according to plan.

Milton - 12 Min
The touching, poignant story of an elderly couple on vacation while struggling with their physical limitations and sharing memories of a life fully lived.

Mourning Sickness - 9 Min
This Halloween, something from their past will return and change the rest of their lives.

My Friend, David - 6 Min
David is my friend, my hero, my brother and a special human with a huge heart, an infectious smile and moderate-severe autism. Why can’t the world see him as I do? No…why doesn’t the world want to see him? World, meet David. “My Friend, David” is an inspiringly raw yet heartwarming documentary short that tells the story of the extraordinary love between neurotypical and neurodivergent siblings.

Our Flag Was Still There - 13 Min
Patty was an American teenager living in the Philippines when Pearl Harbor was attacked. The Japanese told her family to pack for 3 days, but was in a prison camp for 3 years. This first-person female perspective shows what it was like to be a POW, surviving the war and a few surprises.

Paradiso - 12 Min
Paradiso is a glimpse of a day in the life of an unhoused couple looking for shelter for the evening. As they find paradise in a vacant apartment they start dreaming big with possibility, until they are caught.

Sheltered from Time - 11 Min
Adam thought that his wife Lilith would always be with him in Paradise. Yet, from Genesis until today, history repeats itself. A fantasy movie based on the myth of Lilith as the first woman who rebelled against patriarchy, the constellation Auriga, fallen angels and the mystery of the eclipsing binary star Almaaz.

Sheriff Walter Johnson - 113 Min
A journey into the west of an aged small town Sheriff’s time stricken with dementia as experienced through the hands-tied eyes of family.

Showdown On The Brazos - 90 Min
Two Texas Rangers go after Nate Jones and his gang, partially out of duty, partially out of revenge for killing Captain Ryan's family.

Standing On The Edge - 12 Min
A woman on the edge of losing everything faces her darkest night.

Static in the Ether - 38 Min
Prominent actress Ava Grant receives bad news. Her latest movie is a flop; her boyfriend sold pictures of her naked to a celebrity gossip web site and a result she is let go from her upcoming movie role. Encouraged by her agent, Ava takes a trip to reconnect with a long-lost love. 

Stiletto - 3 Min
After attending a college frat party, a female student tries to walk herself back to the dorms but is soon followed by an unwelcome stranger. A dark comedy-horror short film satirizing classic horror movie tropes.

Take You Out - 6 Min
Women keep disappearing in an old Western Town, and the culprit seems to be getting away with it.

Take It Slow - 11 Min
Rebecca's grandmother's final wish sends her on an adventure of self discovery.

Thank You, Amelia Earhart - 87 Min
Health issues are finally forcing the elderly Myrtle out of her house. She's foul-mouthed and bigoted to everyone, including Season, her latest fresh-out-of-school caregiver. The truths the two women learn from each other leave both forever changed.

The Accused - 13 Min
An ex-CIA agent named Jonah Matthews is on the run from the CIA who has framed him for a murder he didn't commit and have put a kill order out on him. He must survive long enough to get a chance to prove his innocence.

The Arkansas Accent Project - 26 Min
What sounds and sayings define the various people of the state of Arkansas and what these people may have in common? This creative scholarship draws upon interviews collected from the five major Arkansan regions: the Ozarks, the Arkansas River Valley, the Ouachitas, the Coastal Plain, and the Delta. Through interviews of various Native Arkansans, this study will illuminate the various accents of this state and the people who claim Arkansas as their home. In doing so, the study expands our understanding of who our people are and how their speech makes the Arkansas accent unique among Southern accents.

The Atomic Chicken in Space - 18 Min
Its a Sci-Fi/Action Classic! A Sequel to 2004’s Wrath of the Atomic Chicken! Pluto finds out that earthlings demoted them from planet status. They attack Earth and only the Atomic Chicken can save us! Along with the help of Elvis Presley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Lindell, The Fonz, and a turd from Uranus named Crappy!

The Cleanup Routine - 6 Min
A janitor uses a memory-altering computer program in an attempt to reimagine himself in a better life.

The Forest of Nisene Marks - 14 Min
Sophie is a CODA (Child of deaf adults) and lives with her deaf mother and father off the grid in the forest of Nisene Marks. They perform in San Francisco for money until on tragic day.
The Gale (Music Video) - 6 Min
Filmed under almost impossible conditions on Lake Michigan: temperature below freezing, winds >50 kts using a Canon DSLR with an unstabilized 400 mm lens. To accomplish this I placed the tripod and camera within an inch of the wall of a concrete building and found the optimum spot for viewing without any wind shake! Filmed at 120 fps but rendered to 30 fps to better appreciate the sheer power of the waves.

The Love Song of William H. Shaw - 96 Min
Years ago, comic bookstore owners Pete Reynoso (the “Oscar”) and John Burns (the “Felix”) helped their friend, the acclaimed screenwriter William H. “Billy” Shaw complete the screenplay for the sequel to the hottest comic book movie of the moment, “Fren-Zee 2.” Now, Billy finds himself again haunted by imaginary (?) superhero Fren-Zee, as he was during the writing process of “Fren-Zee 2.” With his life relatively on track with his new girlfriend Katy and his two years of sobriety, Billy needs to make Fren-Zee go away permanently. He can’t watch his life go down the drain again. Unfortunately, the only two people who could help him, Pete and John, have been feuding for years since achieving fame, and now run rival comic stores. And they don’t have time for Billy’s shenanigans.

The Painted Flame - 15 Min
An artist paints a portrait of her recently deceased husband.

The People’s House: The Story of the Oklahoma State Capitol - 26 Min
Politicians, activists, artists, and civil servants come together to restore the Oklahoma State Capitol building to match the state's noble and, perhaps surprising, trail-blazing roots.

The Strange Story of Blasting Betty - 12 Min
A lone woman enters a saloon in the wild west but gets into all sorts of trouble with the locals.

The Woman Under the Stage - 105 Min
A young woman comes to discover just how far she will go to achieve immortality while receiving the role of a lifetime in a mysterious stage play said to be cursed.

They Don't Make 'Em Like Willie Anymore (Music Video) - 3 Min
"They Don't Make 'Em Like Willie Anymore" is an award-winning musical "love letter" of appreciation for Texas singer/songwriter Willie Nelson, his music, and the important role it's played in people's lives.
At first glance you might think this is a music video, and you would be correct. But it's also a succinct, multifaceted, video documentary because it's about Willie's music, the important role it's played it people's lives, and also shows how his influence has inspired visual artists throughout Texas who have created works of art that feature his image.

Unrep0ached - 3 Min
An egg undergoes the incubation of reclamation.

Wisher Maddox - 46 Min
Growing up in an orphanage, eight-year-old Maddox's sole wish is to be adopted. Thinking God sent him a sign that it would come true, he begins to notice that his wishes for others are granted, but his wish for himself is left unanswered. Frustrated with God, and conflicted with the purpose of his powers, Maddox is left to decide whether to help those he encounters or to selfishly withhold his ability out of contempt for not getting what he thinks he deserves.

You Just Can't See Them From The Road - 49 Min
An immigrant family in California’s Central Valley faces the loss of their land and way of life. One of the few remaining ranchers in the Bay Area watches urban sprawl creep in from every direction. Cowboys work in the shadow of the historic Hearst Castle. One of the largest Black landowners in the state discovers Native American artifacts on his ranch. You Just Can’t See Them From the Road is a documentary portrait of modern West Coast ranchers—invisible to and misunderstood by the rapidly modernizing society they sustain.
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