Cowpokes Int'l Film Festival
1. Best Feature Film 
    "Blood Dried Hands"

2. Best Short Film
    Sponsored by Gibbs Property Group at Jessica Hargis Realty
    "Death by King Cake"

3. Best Mini Short Film
    "A Time For Love: I Got This"

4. Best Western Feature Film
    Sponsored by BrenRock Productions LLC
    "Goin' Home"

5. Best Western Short Film
    "Double-Crossed in El Paso"

6. Best Western Mini Short Film
    "Gone Fishin' "

7. Best Documentary
    "You Just Can't See Them From The Road"

8. Best Foreign Film
    "The Searcher"

9. Best Trailer
    "The Roping Fools"

10. Best Actor (Feature)
      Chance Gibbs - "Blood Dried Hands"

11. Best Supporting Actor (Feature)
      Jason Vandygriff - "Blood Dried Hands"

12. Best Actress (Feature)
       Kaiti Wallen - 'Finding Nicole"

13. Best Supporting Actress (Feature)
      Debra Lamb - "Finding Nicole"

14. Best Actor (Short)
      Dennis O'Neill - "Bail Out ep 103"

15. Best Supporting Actor (Short)
      Jade Roberts - "Bail Out ep 103"

16. Best Actress (Short)
      Patty Corres - "False and Baseless"

17. Best Supporting Actress (Short)
      Penny LeLeux - "Death by King Cake"

18. Best Actor (Mini Short)
      Dennis O'Neill - "A Time For Love: I Got This"

19. Best Supporting Actor (Mini Short)
      Mark E. Howell - "A Time For Love: I Got This"

20. Best Actress (Mini-Short)
​      Sarah Smith - "Silent Charm"

21. Best Supporting Actress (Mini-Short)
      Veronica Clayton - "A Time For Love: I Got This"

22. Best Actor (Western Feature)
      Bill Foster - "Showdown On The Brazos"

23. Best Supporting Actor (Western Feature)
​      Dale Snowberger - "Goin' Home"

24. Best Actress (Western Feature)
​       Dianne Travis - "Sheriff Walter Johnson"

25. Best Supporting Actress (Western Feature)
​       CJ Morrison - "Robo Hills"

26. Best Actor (Western Short)
​      Mike Doherty - "Double-Crossed In El Paso"

27. Best Supporting Actor (Western Short)
      Ken Henson - "Salt Lake Jake"

28. Best Actress (Western Short)
      Bobbi Jean Olson - "Woman With No Name"

29. Best Actor (Western Mini Short)
      Sponsored by Doherty Plumbing in Tucson 
      Cameron Norsen - "Gone Fishin' "

30. Best Supporting Actor (Western Mini Short)
      Vernon Butterfield - "Gone Fishin' "

31. Best Actor (Foreign Film)
      Josep María Alejandre - "The Searcher"

32. Best Supporting Actor (Foreign Film)
      Gabriel Rueda - "The Searcher"

33. Best Actress (Foreign Film)
       Ana Belén Izquierdo - "The Searcher"

34. Best Director (Feature)
      Jason Vandygriff - "Blood Dried Hands"

35. Best Director (Short)
      Rowdy Olson - "Woman With No Name"

36. Best Director (Mini Short Film)
      Dennis O'Neill - "A Time For Love: I Got This" 

37. Best Director (Western Feature)
      Steven Mark Shaw - "Goin' Home"

38. Best Director (Western Short)
      Paul Bloom - "What Must Be Done"

39. Best Director (Western Mini Short)
      Trevor Rock - "Rockgut Whiskey"

40. Best Director (Foreign Film)
      Sponsored by Red Haired Lady Productions
      Enrique Novials - "The Searcher"

41. Best Director (Trailer)
      Paul Bloom & John Marrs - "Miner Justice"

42. Best Director (Documentary)
      Will Fitzpatrick - "The Roping Fools"

43. Best Director (Music Video)
      Aaron Bratcher - "Showdown"

44. Best Music Video 
      "Showdown" Performed by Tim Ruffo

45. Best Original Film Score 
      Rick Balentine - "Goin' Home"

46. Best Songwriting/Music/MP3 
      "A Small Space"

47. Best Music Lyrics
      "With My Blessing"
      by Manuela Schneider

48. Best Drama Feature 
      "Finding Nicole"

49. Best Drama Short 
      "False and Baseless" 

50. Best Drama Mini-Short 
      "Silent Charm" 
51. Best Western Drama Feature 
       "Sheriff Walter Johnson" 

52. Best Western Drama Short 
      "What Must Be Done"

53. Best Crime Drama 
      "Blood Dried Hands"

54. Best Comedy 
      "Death by King Cake"

55. Best Sci-Fi
      "Robo Hills"

56. Best Fantasy Film
      "Sheltered from Time"

57. Best Suspense
      "Finding Nicole"

58. Best Family Film 
       "Sheriff Walter Johnson"

59. Best Horror/Thriller 
       "Blood Dried Hands"

60. Best True Story Film
       "Finding Nicole"

61. Best Inspirational Film
       "Silent Charm"

62. Best Originality Film
      "Rockgut Whiskey"

63. Best Noir Film
      "Woman With No Name"

64. Best Faith Based Film
      "A Time For Love: I Got This"

65. Best Action Film
      "Double-Crossed in Durango"

66. Best Awareness Film
      "Finding Nicole"

67. Best Group Photography
      "Woman With No Name"

68. Best 1st Time Filmmaker
      Paul Bloom - "What Must Be Done"

69. Best Female Filmmaker
      Sponsored by CJ Morrison
      Sadie Duarte - "Sheltered from Time"

70. Best Cast Ensemble
      "Goin' Home"

71. Best Web Series
      "Bail Out ep 103"

72. Best Youtube Western Film
       "Double-Crossed in El Paso"

73. Best Proof of Concept Film
      "Miner Justice"

74. Best T.V. Pilot

75. Best Texas Short Film
      Sponsored by Dependable Expendables
       "Bail Out EP 103"

76. Best Texas Feature Film
      Sponsored by Dependable Expendables
       "Robo Hills"

77. Best Oklahoma Film
       "Static In The Ether"

​78. Best of Fest Westerns
      "Showdown On The Brazos"

79. Best of Fest
      "Blood Dried Hands"

80. Best Movie Poster 
      "Blood Dried Hands"

81. Best Western Movie Poster 
      "What Must Br Done"

​82. Festival Director's Choice 
      for Actress in a Feature Film 
      Micha Marie Stevens
      "Blood Dried Hands"

83. Festival Director's Choice 
      for Supporting Actress in a Feature Film
      Blanca Blanco - "Finding Nicole"

84. Festival Director's Choice
      for an Actor in a Short Film 
      Jim Olson - "Woman With No Name"

85. Festival Director's Choice 
      For Supporting Actress
      In A Western Feature Film 
      Amanda Smith - "Showdown on the Brazos"

86. Festival Director's Choice 
      for a Feature Film 
      "Finding Nicole"

87. Festival Director's Choice 
      for a Short Film 
      "Bail Out" EP 103

88. Festival Director's Choice 
      for a Mini Short Film 
      "Silent Charm"

89. Festival Director's Choice 
      for a Feature Western Film 
     "Sheriff Walter Johnson" 

90. Festival Director's Choice 
      for a Short Western Film 
      "Salt Lake Jake"

​91. Festival Director's Choice 
      for a Mini Short Western Film 
     "Rockgut Whiskey"

92. Festival Director's Choice
      for a Foreign Film
      "Sheltered From Time"

93. 2024 Cowpoke Of The Year Award
      goes to Bill Foster
June 21-23 2024 

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4th Annual
2024 CIFF Award Nominations
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Best Western Drama 
Short Screenplay
"Big Whiskey" 

Best Western Drama 
Feature Screenplay 
"Goin' Home" 

Best Action Western 
Feature Screenplay 
"McIntyre's Mountain"

Best Romance Thriller
Feature Screenplay 
"Milton and Myrna"
Best First-time Western Screenwriter
Paul Bloom for 
"Miner Justice"

Best First-time Female Screenwriter
Victoria Keffer for 
"The Vicar Takes a Wife"

Best Texas Western 
"The Whore and the Horseman" 
Best Script Over All 
"I/O" (Input-Output)
by Molly J Vernon

Best Comedy T.V.
  Pilot Script

Best Sci-Fi Suspense 
  T.V. Pilot Script 
"I/O" (Input-Output)

Best Unpublished Modern 
Western Manuscript
"Colorado Springs" 

Best Action Romance Manuscript
"Cowgirl Witness & Her
Bodyguard: A Western Romance"

Best Sci-Fi Romance Manuscript
"Fire Goddess & Dream 
Dragon: A Fantasy Romance" 

Best Western Manuscript 
This Award is sponsored by Rutledge Media Group in memory of Randall Rutledge.
"Putney's Reckoning,
Vengeance in Blanco Canyon"

Best Action Revenge Western Manuscript 
"The Huntress - The Oath

Best Published Family Faith Manuscript 
"The Setting Son"

Best Western Horror Manuscript
"The Unknown Enemy"