10 Minutes -  A college student with a bright future meets a woman who’s long anticipated her death, moments before the world ends. Now, they’re both suddenly forced to deal with the weight of mortality while an extinction event kills them and everyone they know.

A Long Road to Liberty - A retrospective history of the African American experience in the state of Oklahoma. Referencing such touchstones as; The 1st Kansas at the Civil War Battle of Honey Springs, Black Wall Street, Clara Luper’s sit-in at Katz Deli, and Ralph Ellison’s novel “Invisible Man”. While Oklahoma still finds itself on that long road, the state has made strides through the African American mavericks of today.

All Else Fails - When Vincent, an unsuccessful, petty con-man, fails at disability fraud, he decides to escalate his crimes to become a better provider for his wife.

Bail Out - I Am Lorenzo Lamas - NYPD detective Jimmy O'Neill has a run-in with the Mob (Mafia). Now they want to whack him. He goes to Fort Worth, TX to take over his late uncle Charlie's failing Bail Bonds business. The mob follows him. All the high-jinx, now begins.

Bass Reeves and the Brunter Brothers - U.S. Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves and lawman Wyatt Earp set out to find the notorious outlaw gang The Brunter Brothers.

Before Breaker Wakes - Losing his girlfriend and his job in the same day propels Breaker Donovan goes to Houston to find out why he was named in the will of the recently deceased shoe heiress Mercedes Cosnoski. Along the way Breaker befriends Tiara Jones who decides to come along for the ride.

Break on Through (to the Other Side) - White Collar Sideshow's music video for their cover version of The Doors "Break on Through (to the Other Side).

Castleway Road - The story of Donna Remmie and her 18-year-old daughter Amy, as they are starting the process of moving out of their comfortable small-town home to live in a bigger city. When Amy is faced with leaving the only life she knows behind, she finds her mother’s old beauty pageant memorabilia. Donna’s true past as a national pageant contestant is revealed to Amy, and from there, we are introduced to Donna’s life competing in the 1975 Miss American Star Pageant.

Dioses - Dioses narrates how a super advanced civilization that has managed to dominate the world of particles at a quantum level, to the point of creating life in micro-universes, has to face the destruction of its planet, without so much technology being able to help them.

Don't Fence Me In -  A daredevil documentary recounting the delightful adventures of Virginia Shumaker, a groundbreaking twenty-one year old woman from small-town Ohio, who in 1941 and ’42, became the of the first modern woman to ride coast-to-coast across America on a horse.

Edge of Town - Summer Roome has her world up-ended when her adrift younger brother and wayward father reenter her life. As new information about old mistakes comes to light, Summer discovers what she has in common with her family and what she doesn't.

Emily - A woman seeks justice for her daughter's death by any means necessary, but there is a fine line between justice and revenge. When mourning mixes with opportunity, chaos is born. Blind rage can be a great motivator, but it can also be problematic. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

E.V.P. No More Tears - Recorded specifically for the short film/pilot, "Ghost Trippers." This brand new supergroup who call themselves E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), got together and recorded this entire cover song, all in the comfort of their homes.

Fighting for Daybreak - At the inaugural Daybreak music festival, 2000 camping fans suffer freezing winds, pouring rain, and knee-deep mud in hopes of seeing their favorite electronic artists. All the while, behind the scenes, a struggling crew fights to keep the multimillion dollar show from slipping through everyone's fingers. Determined not to be another FYRE festival, the Daybreak crew and Darren Bond (the venue owner and financier) battle to save their beloved investment. As the fear of headliners canceling, attendees demanding refunds, and total failure grows, the deeper purpose of the festival begins to surface…
but is it enough to save Daybreak?

Framer - Written, directed, and starring children just 9 years old and younger, this Western tells the tale of one cowpoke's devious plot for a bank robbery.

Galdra - When Quinn receives the gift she was hoping for, things begin to unfold in strange ways. However she has to remain focused, because practice makes perfect.

Garden Spells - When Claire’s grandma passes away, she leaves behind a spell book that promises magical help should Claire ever need it. Years later, Claire meets Colton in the bookstore where she works and instantly falls for him…but can’t quite seem to tell if he reciprocates the feeling.

Ghost Trippers - When a skeptical motel manager skips the Halloween parties for a quiet night at work, four amateur paranormal investigators arrive with a story too bizarre not to believe. Join Alex and the Ghost Trippers as they set off to find the ultimate proof of paranormal existence.

Heaven and Earth; A Ritual - This fable is set in the harsh 1880's. When an Indigenous woman runs away from an abusive man to protect her newborn, she crosses paths with a hermit who plays out a nihilistic ritual. After a horrible tragedy, he gave up on life and retreated to the woods. An important participant throughout is a beautiful horse, a painted pinto who just may bring a different color to the Western genre.

Hell Comes to Montana (Behind the Scenes) - This is a Promo Video / Behind the Scenes Video for the short film "Hell Comes To Montana".

Hell Comes to Montana - An eerily authentic Western film about one mans journey for vengeance and redemption. It follows the story of Montana, a man who has lost everything but the fire within himself to right an injustice that was exacted upon him.

Jack of All Lanterns - A lonely man's wish while carving a jack-o'-lantern unwitting becomes the ultimate treat and trick under a strange moon rising.

Killer Miller - Inspired by the Best-Selling novel, "Killer Miller", follow Texas Ranger Henry Miller on the trail of a couple of outlaw brothers. He'll try to bring them in peacefully, but with a name like Killer Miller - some people are just better off dead.

Kill Them All and Don't Come Back Alone - Carol tries everything to rescue her daughter, who has been kidnapped by the "Rubio" gang after the bank robbery. All hope seems to fade for Carol, even praying.

Living Room - Dylan comes home to find his girlfriend, Alanah, is hiding something from him. While he was at work, his roommate died. Now, the couple must figure out which will decompose first: their relationship or their roommate.

Millennial With a Cane - A young-adult MS patient joins an "invisible illness" support group, which helps her cope with her disease.

Mirror - When Clint suffers from depression, his world starts to seem bleak and mundane. Will he get the help he needs before it's too late?

Nolan - 1800's western, Nolan goes to break his brothers out of jail, with the help of two other outlaw gangs...some comedy....great gunfight...ends well for towns people.

Oh Crappy Day (Trailer) -  Trailer for "Oh Crappy Day," a romantic comedy feature with a psychological twist: a young filmmaker is looking for love, while dealing with a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Oh Crappy Day - An aspiring young filmmaker hopes to find love through online dating -- if he can just keep his OCD on the down low.

One of these Days - A lone man searches for his true love and a place to call home in the midst of a mysterious attack.

Plan for the Pastrami - A Jewish grandmother talks to her grandson about her funeral and asks him to settle some mafia-like debts.

Rejects - Guns, cash and four friends who have the wrong idea at the wrong time.

Rumspringa - A group of Amish teenagers are stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant during their religious rite of passage known in Pennsylvania Dutch as Rumspringa

Sardis - Deep in the Choctaw Nation, a picturesque lake hosts an unusual sight: an island populated by rows of headstones. This cemetery floating in a man-made lake is the last relic of what was the town of Sardis, Oklahoma.

Saving Amelia - When two contentious sisters stumble upon an old two-way radio as they explore their attic while stuck at home, they realize it can mysteriously communicate with the past. As they start playing with the radio, they realize they are speaking with Amelia Earhart moments before the final transmission of her ill-fated flight. It becomes a race against time to help save her, but can they overcome their own quarrels in order to change the course of history forever.

Shhh - When a pharmaceutical spy ducks into a library to avoid capture he encounters a potential partner/love interest in a librarian looking for adventure and a new job.

Sibylline (Trailer) - A woman receives a disturbing package and tries to figure out the contents before it's too late.

Smoking Gun - A old bartender is ready to close up his bar due to tough times when a couple of previously rebel soldiers turned outlaws enter the bar and stir things up.

Squib: When All of This is Over - How will you feel "When All of This is Over?" Award winning Poet, Anthony Anaxagorou and One6th Animation Studio collaborate to create a poetry film in response to lockdown and the provocation 'When All of This is Over'.

Stranger in the Night - A Woman almost falls asleep driving on a dark rainy night so she picks up a hitchhiker to keep her company. He is "The Stranger in the Night".

Terminator: Bad Judgment Day - Future soldier Kyle Reese has one job -- to protect Sarah Conner. How hard can that be? Reese's commanding officer is about to find out.

The Bank Robbery - A gang of incompetent outlaws tries to rob a bank.

The Breakdown - When the young couple, Avery and Charlie, decide to make a change in their relationship, a breakdown in communication occurs.

The Combine - A videotaped poem enhanced by 3-D animation and music, produced, written, and performed by Los Angeles poet Bill Ratner. A story of an actual incident involving a railroad switchman who encounters a Native American traveler in a rail yard in the middle of the night. The switchman’s supervisor traps the traveler inside a boxcar, resulting in serious injury.

The Count - After a bitter outburst injures their kindhearted friend, two slow-witted ranch hands hatch a fanciful plan to remedy the troublesome situation.

The Face - The Face tells the story of Isabella, the daughter of a slain bounty hunter, who must deal with her father's last job. Hiding out in the Northwest American Wilderness, amongst the haunting beauty of the Montana Rockies, she waits. Not knowing whether her father's captive is indeed the infamous outlaw 'The Face' or just an innocent man.

The First Bonfire of Spring - It's Walpurgis Eve in Sweden; a spring holiday associated with bonfires and partying. An awkward young man reluctantly follows his popular brother to a party. It becomes quite an eventful evening.

The Last Bullet - Set in the 1880 frontier of Texas. Two children are suddenly thrown into the role of protectors of their family and cabin against vicious outlaws.

The Lights of Dawn - In 1955, Alec Guinness and James Dean met up in Hollywood. One week later, the rebel boy died. Was it really a tragic twist of fate?
A melodrama inspired by the 80s musicals like Xanadu, shot in Covid times and based on true events.

The Little Indian Truck - Tushka is a young Indian man with no goal for life. Then He is given a little beat up truck that takes him to his destiny.

The Pupil - A hitman for a covert agency is given a new assignment: he must train his replacement.

The Soul Graffiti - When a local heritage radio station falls under tough financial times thanks to a format change and a world of other entertainment options, KANT owner Ray Dinkins, Jr. is intent on selling his late father’s creation to a corporate cell phone company. This news forces anxious bookworm Ben Cross and self-destructive morning DJ Niki Bliss to seek a higher purpose.

The Unspoken Badge - 1881... A bedridden small town Sheriff struggles for peace as death taps the aged door of his Alzheimer's dwindled mind.

The Wilderness Road - One of 12 Westerns made in 12 months during 2020, The Wilderness Road tells the story of the most notorious land pirates who stalked the Southeast during the turn of the 19th century. Samuel Mason (Creek Wilson), a Revolutionary War hero, turns to a life of crime and forms a dangerous gang of bandits. Big Harpe (Daulton Brewer) and Little Harpe (Travis Mills), considered by some to be America's first serial killers, wreak havoc through the region as they kill without mercy. Soon, these three outlaws will meet along the wilderness road.

Trucked! - After receiving mysterious message, a young man goes to fortune teller.

Turtles - A coming of age comedy about a girl with a hopeless crush on an eccentric grocery store worker.

Vessel - A suicidal woman is abducted by a serial killer that may not be of this world.

You Already Know (Music Video) - The couple enjoys everyday life together as a married couple in this 1960's/1970's inspired music video that gives a nod to classic American sitcoms.
​"Always A Cowboy" - Former Civil War hero is struggling with Senile Dementia. He runs away from home and finds two children who have done the same. Together they save each other.

"Dancing In Place" - When escalating interest between a middle-aged professor and his attractive new neighbor suddenly gets complicated after he remembers their painful young summer romance, he struggles over how to tell her until he comes up with a perfect plan.

"Dear Avery" - When a hospital's first woman chaplain seeks guidance, she is answered with a surprising letter that not only impacts everyone around her, but sets her life on a new course.

"Dial It Back" - A newlywed couple in their forties discovers over Thanksgiving that their college-aged children, who are now stepsiblings, are dating, and they do everything they can to sabotage the relationship.

"Fairytale" - A prince embarks on a noble quest to save his bride to be. He soon discovers that his, "Happily Ever After" isn't quite how he pictured it and that's okay.

"Foresight" - In a satirical take on supernatural thrillers, visions of murder pit a young white psychic against a skeptical black detective.

"Gunfight at Hells Half Acre" - When Bill Tilghman’s wife is kidnapped, he will stop at nothing to get her back.

"He Who Speaks" - A recently separated Catholic confesses to a priest struggling with his faith about the night he gave a ride to a deaf hitchhiker and changed his life forever.

"Heart Cycles" - They say you never forget your first love. A woman makes efforts to reunite her dementia addled mother with her mother’s first but great love.

"Monster" - When Mason brings Harper home after a date, his perception of reality begins to betray his killer instincts.

"No Rest for the Wicked" - When a stranger offers a homeless girl and boy a thousand dollars to plant bombs in a forest, they decide to foil his plan and toss them in a lake. But when ulterior motives come to light, one is double-crossed twice.

"Pretty Piranha" - When Joseph hears from Donna he strongly believes this is the chance to get out of the friend zone and mean something more to his object of desire.

"Rou Garou" - Werewolves, Tigers, and Bears- oh my! A small town in south Louisiana is being rocked by some gruesome murders and always near a full moon. The Sheriff is stumped, and after reading a news article about a pig stolen by a large hairy man, a team of cryptozoologists show up chasing their dream of getting the scoop on what they suspect is a Bigfoot. Before long, the team finds themselves face to face with the real beast- a Rou Garou. They are on the verge of destruction when a sudden twist and hero appears.

"Rumspringa" - A group of Amish teenagers are stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant during their religious rite of passage known in Pennsylvania Dutch as Rumspringa.

"Ruth" - This is the epic story of a young woman Ruth who is asked to do the impossible during the civil war. Leeland Tammer, a wealthy plantation owner and family friend, is secretly assisting run-away slaves in the underground railroad. Ruth, her mother Naomi and sister Claire after the death of the patriarch Thomas Madison, find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Ruth inadvertently discovers run-away slaves in Leeland’s charge and agrees to usher the runaways in their flight to freedom. Jason Tammer, will have nothing to do with any of his father’s ideals. He will have his own plan; walk his own way. There will be conflict within the Tammer family.

"South Tower" - Based on Real Events. When a lone gunman climbs to the top of the University of Texas Tower on August 1, 1966, it's up to a few unlikely police and civilians to end the reign of terror.

"The Art of Invisibility" - On the cusp of losing her family, a work-obsessed comic artist is magically transported to the troubled home of her revered muse in post-war Texas, 1945.
"The Ones Before You Worth Every Penny" - Follows the life of Jacob Armillio, The only son of hard working immigrants from Mexico. The ups and downs of his relationship with his high school sweetheart who’s nose is wide open for something different. With moments of heartbreak, sex, lust and new beginnings, this comedic-drama filled series will keep you asking for what’s next!
"Three Nights Only" - A comedienne has a chance encounter with a recently unemployed man rumored to be devoid of a funny bone.

"Under The Law" - Set in the unruly wild west, a young man uncovers a grisly secret about his caregiver.

"Welder" - Based on the true story of a week in 1985 that culminates in a high speed funeral procession through a wheat field in Oklahoma. After 33 years she can let it go.

"Wild Snatch" - After a newlywed screenwriter reunites with college girlfriends to compare midlife crisis stories, his young wife become possessed by an ancient spirit, eager to sample modern vices.

"Wrangled" - A guilt-ridden cowboy struggles to return home to face the family of the young man he left for dead.
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