Annual Int'l
March 18/20 2022 
@ The Coleman Theatre
103 N. Main St. Miami, OK
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SSUFF Selctions
SSUFF Award Nominees
Film Schedule
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1. Best Feature Film
    The Pupil

​2. Best Short Film

3. Best Mini Short Film 
    Garden Spells

4. Best Western Short Film
    Sponsored by "BrenRock Productions LLC" 
    The Last Bullet

5Best Western Mini Short Film
    Smoking Gun

6. Best Foreign Film
    The Lights of Dawn
7. Best Actor (Feature)
    Alan Thornburg (The Pupil)

8. Best Supporting Actor (Feature)
​    Jamie Campbell (Millennial with a Cane)

​​9. Best Actress (Feature) 
    Taylor Zamora (The Pupil)

10. Best Supporting Actress (Feature)
      Rianna Kirkham (The Pupil)

11. Best Actor (Short)
      Theodore Carl Flood (All Else Fails)

12. Best Supporting Actor (Short)
      Mike Zaragosa (Ghost Trippers)
13. Best Actress (Short)
      Mackenzie Coffman (All Else Fails)

14. Best Supporting Actress (Short)
      Penny Leleux (Shhh)

15. Best Actor (Mini Short)
​     Joel Foster (Jack of All Lanterns)

16. Best Supporting Actor (Mini Short)
​      Marc Pouhé (Terminator: Bad Judgment Day)

17. Best Actress (Mini Short)
​      Brianna Fogelson (Jack of All Lanterns)

18. Best Supporting Actress (Mini Short)
      Renee Spahr (Garden Spells)

19. Best Actor (Western Short)
      Moe Headrick (Nolan)

​20. Best Supporting Actor (Western Short)
      Richard Cutting (Bass Reeves and the Brunter Brothers)

21. Best Actress (Western Short)
      Emma Ros (Kill Them All and Don't Come Back Alone)

​22. Best Supporting Actress (Western Short) 
      Marzia Liuzzi (Kill Them All and Don't Come Back Alone)

​​​23. Best Actor (Western Mini Short)
      Norman Butterfield (Smoking Gun)

​​24. Best Supporting Actor (Western Mini Short) 
      David Butterfield (Smoking Gun)

​​25. Best Actress (Western Mini Short)
      Tess Hamilton (Framer)

26. Best Actor in a Foreign Film
      Simon Eriksson (The First Bonfire of Spring)

27. Best Supporting Actor in a Foreign Film
      Miguel Angel Romero for 
      (Kill Them All and Don't Come Back Alone)
​28. Best Actress in a Foreign Film
​      Sofia Gustafsson ​(The First Bonfire of Spring)

29. Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Film
​      Agnes Molander (The First Bonfire of Spring)
​30. Best Director (Feature Film)
     Jon Lance Bacon (Oh Crappy Day)

​31. Best Director (Short Film)
      Corbin Timbrook (Bail Out - I Am Lorenzo Lamas)

​32. Best Director (Mini Short Film)
      Lisa Belcher (Terminator: Bad Judgment Day)

33. Best Director (Western Short Film)
      Moe Headrick (Nolan)

​​34. Best Director (Western Mini Short Film)
  David Butterfield (Smoking Gun)

35. Best Director (Foreign)
  Sadie Duarte (The Lights of Dawn)

36. Best Director (Animation)
  Micah Chambers-Goldberg (The Combine)

37. Best Young Actors
      Deegan Cahill (Framer)
      Jackson Squires (Framer)
​      Ethan Barker (Framer)
      Lukas Kaminsky (Trucked!)
      Nicholas Kaminsky (Trucked!)
      Daniel Kaminsky (Trucked!)
​      Heston Lee (The Last Bullet)
​​​38. Best Young Actresses
      Tess Hamilton (Framer)
      Emma Huberts (Framer)
​      Ellie Hubert (Framer)
​      Cayden Lane (Framer)
      Tricia Lane (Framer) 
      Anna Fridg (Saving Amelia)
      Miriam Fridg (Saving Amelia)
      Harper Lee (The Last Bullet)
      Quinn Crull (Galdra)
      Taylor Zamora (The Pupil)

​39. Best Music Score/Song (Feature Film)
  "Family" by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors for 
  (The Soul Graffiti)

40. Best Music Score/Song (Short/Mini Film)
      "Nothing Left for Us" by Layn (The Breakdown)
41.  Best Music Score (Western Film)
       "The Framer" performed by Eric Hamilton (Framer)

42. Best Documentary
      Fighting for Daybreak

​​43. Best Animation
      Squib: When All of This is Over

​44. Best Drama Feature Film
      The Wilderness Road

​​45. Best Drama Short Film
      All Else Fails

46. Best Drama Mini Short Film
​      One of These Days

47.  Best Comedy Feature Film
       Millennial With a Cane

48. Best Comedy Short Film

49. Best Comedy Mini Short Film
      The Breakdown

50.  Best Dark Comedy
       Living Room

51. Best Western Drama Short Film
​      The Unspoken Badge

52. Best Western Comedy Film
      The Bank Robbery

53. Best Dramedy Film
      Oh Crappy Day

​54. Best Horror/Thriller Film

55. Best Suspense Film
      Ghost Trippers

56. Best Student Film
      Castleway Road

​57. Best Romance Film

​58. Best Sci-Fi Film

59. Best Oklahoma Made Short Film

60. Best Oklahoma Made Mini Short Film
      Garden Spells
61. Best Oklahoma Made Documentary Film
      Fighting for Daybreak

​62. Best Oklahoma Female Filmmaker
      Jordan Wilson - (Garden Spells)

63. Best 1st Time Oklahoma Filmmaker
       Adyson Wessel Engle - (10 Minutes)

64. Best 1st Time Filmmaker
      Alan Thornburg (The Pupil)

65. Best Inspirational Film 
      Millennial with a Cane

66. Best Music Video
​      E.V.P. No More Tears

​67. Best Female Filmmaker
      Lisa Belcher - (Terminator: Bad Judgment Day)

​68. Best Originality Film
      Jack of All Lanterns

​69. Best Narrator
      Andia Winslow (A Long Road to Liberty)

70. Best Family Film
      Saving Amelia

​71. Best Film Twist
      Before Breaker Wakes

​72. Best Awareness Film

73. Best Cast Ensemble
      Bail Out - I Am Lorenzo Lamas

74. Best Trailer/Teaser
75. Best Poetry Video
      Squib: When All Of This Is Over

​76. Best Music Lyrics
      Thrift Store Cowgirl

​​77. Best Songwriting/Music
​      Thrift Store Cowgirl

78. Best Canadian Film
      Heaven and Earth; A Ritual

79. Best Western Feature Film
      The Wilderness Road

​80. Best Oklahoma Made Feature Film
      Before Breaker Wakes

81. Best Director - Western Feature Film
      Travis Mills (The Wilderness Road)

82.  Best Actor - Western Feature Film
       Travis Mills (The Wilderness Road)

83. Best Supporting Actor - Western Feature Film
      Daulton Brewer (The Wilderness Road)

84. Best Actress - Western Feature Film
      Katira Banks (The Wilderness Road)

85. Best Supporting Actress - Western Feature Film
      Dunky Capraro (The Wilderness Road)

86. Best Western Dramedy

87. Best Western Foreign Film
      Kill Them All and Don't Come Back Alone

88. Best Original Score In A Foreign Film
      The Lights of Dawn by Daniel Angelus

89. Best Fable Film
      Heaven and Earth; A Ritual

90. Best Young Director
      Tess Hamilton (Framer)

91. Best Faith Based Film
      The Little Indian Truck

92. Best Oklahoma Music Video
      "You Already Know" by The Imaginaries

93. Best Western Web Series
      Bail Out - I Am Lorenzo Lamas

94. Best Experimental Film
      The Combine by Bill Ratner

95. Best Poetry
      "The Blue Buffalo" by Elaine Smith

96. Best Photography - 1st Place 
      "Frozen Chaos" by Lukas Atzert

97. Best Photography - 2nd Place
      "Holding Hands" by Paul Gatto

98. Best Photography - 3rd Place
      Michael And The Book Of Psalms by Paul Gatto

99. Best True Story Film
      The Wilderness Road

100. Best Movie Poster Fan Vote
        1st Place - Terminator: Bad Judgment Day

101. Best Movie Poster Fan Vote
        2nd Place - The Last Bullet

102. Best Movie Poster Fan Vote
        3rd PLace - Ghost Trippers

103. Audience Choice Award

104. Best Western Documentary
        Bass Reeves and the Brunter Brothers

105. Best Western Awareness Film
        The Unspoken Badge

106. Festival Director's Choice
        Best Feature Film
        The Soul Graffiti

107. Festival Director's Choice
        Best Short Film
        All Else Fails

108. Festival Director's Choice
        Best Mini Short Film
        The Breakdown

109. Festival Director's Choice
        Best Western Short Film
        The Face

110. Festival Director's Choice
        Best Western Mini Short
        Hell Comes to Montana

111. Festival Director's Choice
        Best Foreign Film
        The First Bonfire of Spring

112. Festival Director's Choice
        Best Oklahoma Made Film
SSUFF After Party

Best Overall Screenplay
"The Art of Invisibility"
by Terrie Hayes

Best Feature Romance Screenplay
"Dancing in Place"
by Jeanne Dukes

Best Feature Family Screenplay
"Dear Avery"
by Jeanne Dukes

Best Feature Rom-Com Screenplay
"Dial it Back"
by Erin Elizabeth Keefer

Best Mystery Thriller Screenplay
by Jon Lance Bacon

Best Faith Based Screenplay
"Gunfight at Hell's Half Acre"
by Dan Searles

Best Sci-fi Screenplay
"Rou Garou"
by Jimmy Smith

Best Feature Horror Screenplay
by John Putman & Shannon Edwards

Best Feature Action/Adventure Screenplay
by David Novak & Frank Galvan

Best Feature Thriller Screenplay
"South Tower"
by Jordan O'neal

Best Feature True Story Screenplay
by Daisy Weaver

Best Feature Drama Western Screenplay
by T.W. Lawrence & Bradley Hawkins

Best Short Comedy Screenplay
by Aurora Laray

Best Short Western Screenplay
"Aways a Cowboy"
by Dan Searles

Best Short Drama Thiller Screenplay
"He Who Speaks"
by Jonathan Gonzales

Best Short Romance Screenplay
"Heart Cycles"
by Jay Pennington

Best Short Horror Screenplay
by Curt Thomas Choate

Best 1st Time Screenwriter
Samson Sorluangsana
"No Rest For The Wicked"

Best Short Drama Screenplay
"Three Nights Only"
by Philip Sedgwick

Best Short Thriller Screenplay
"Under The Law"
by Aurora Laray

Best Dark Comedy Screenplay
"Wild Snatch"
by Lesley Lillywhite

Best Mini Short Comedy Screenplay
"Pretty Piranha"
by Tom Bragg

Best Web Series Screenplay
The Ones Before You "Worth Every Penny"
by Jonah W. Smith Sr.