March 24/25 2018 
The Goddard Center
401 1st Ave SW, Ardmore, OK
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SSUFF - Gray Frederickson Award
Chickaswa Country
Oklahoma Film and Music
Sipokni West
Adventure Road
Two Frogs Grill
1. Best Feature Film 
    I Like Me 
    Technicolour Daydream
    Diggerz: Black Lung Rises

2. Best Short
    A La Memoire De Lune 
    The Magic Heart
    The Far Away Place
    We Can't Die
    The Root Cellar

3. Best Actor (Feature)
    Steve Roth (Diggerz: Black Lung Rises) 
    Joel Bernard (Pickings) 
    Chris Kozlowski (I like Me)
    Dan Perrin (Texoma)

4. Best Actress (Feature)
    Lauren Leal (Diggerz: Black Lung Rises) 
    Elyse Price (Pickings) 
    Sue Schaffel (I like Me)
    Brandi Barbee (Texoma)

5. Best Supporting Actor (Feature)
     Yaron Urbas (Pickings) 
     Jackson Trent ( I Like Me)
     Damon Pampolina (Diggerz: Black Lung Rises)
     Gary Payne (Technicolour Daydream) 

6. Best Supporting Actress (Feature)
    Johanna Winkel (Diggerz: Black Lung Rises) 
    Katie Vincent (Pickings)
    Anna Fagan (I like Me)
    Lorrie Chilcoat (Texoma)
    Debbie Hartner (Technicolour Daydream)

7. Best Actor (Short)
   Jim Thalman (16 Mins)
   Terence Pennywell (The Pickle)
   Clayton Snyder (We Can't Die) 
   Bob Fanucchi (Black Totem)
   Joe Ochterbeck (The Root Cellar)
   Ben Richardson (Repercussion)

8. Best Actress (Short)
    Laura Elizabeth Hall (We Can't Die)
    Annie Ethington (Dead West)
    Michaelene Stephenson (Repercussion)
    Chanel Marriott (The Last Request of Sheriff Johnson)

9. Best Supporting Actor (Short)
    Patrick Kirton (The Pickle)
    Jamie Costa (We Can't Die)
    Moe Headrick (Black Totem)
    Richard Folmer (The Root Cellar) 
    Bret Culpepper (The Last Request of Sheriff Johnson)

10. Best Supporting Actress (Short)
      LaVon Wageman (We Can't Die) 
      Dianne Travis (The Last Request of Sheriff Johnson)
      Andrea Cohen (The Magic Heart)

11. Best Director (Feature)
      Usher Morgan (Pickings) 
      Mitch Hudson (Technicolour Daydream)
      Joshua Land (I like Me)

12. Best Director (Short)
      Kyle Kleinecke ( The Root Cellar)
      Theodore Carl Flood (The Last Request of Sheriff Johnson)
      Tom Marcantel (The Magic Heart)
      LuAnn Nicosia (We Can't Die) 

13. Best Cinematography (Feature)
      Korey Rowe (Mile Marker)
      Louis Obioha (Pickings)
      Hannah Riggins (Technicolour Daydream)
      David B. Craig (Diggerz: Black Lung Rises) 

14. Best Cinematography (Short)
      DJ Zachary. (Driven) 
      Kyle Kleinecke (The Root Cellar)
      Meryem Ersoz (Doc Middleton: The Unwickedest Outlaw)
      Corey Snyder (16 Mins)
      Dewayne Austin (Movement)
​15. Best Foreign Film
      Hay Algo En La Oscuridad (Something In The Darkness)

16. Best Child Actor
      Christopher Liam Gentry (Pickings)
      Nico Ford (Technicolour Daydream)

17. Best Child Actress
      Samantha Zaino (Pickings)
      Amelie Marcantel (The Magic Heart)
      Luna Fulgencio (Hay Algo En La Oscuridad)

18. Best Music Score
      Matt Costa (The Last Request of Sheriff Johnson)
      Cazz Cerkez (I Like Me)
      Audery Guinn (The Magic Heart)
      Alex Ruiz (Paz, Amor, y Musica The Alex Ruiz Story) 

19. Best Documentary Short
      Doc Middleton
      Our Home

20. Best Documentary Feature
      Paz, Amour, Y, Musica: The Alex Ruiz Story
      Mile Marker
      Hollow Dog

21. Best Animation.
      Martini BombiniI
      To Help Us

22.  Best Drama
       Technicolour Daydream 

23.  Best Movie Creature
       Kirk Loudon - Diggerz: Black Lung Rises
       Sean Oliver - Subhumane

24.  Best Comedy
       Hi My Name Is
       The Pickle 
       The Fixer
        I Like Me
       We Can't Die

25. Best Western
      Black Totem
      The Last Request of Sheriff Johnson
      Bad Men And The Devil
      Dead West

26. Best Horror/Thriller
      Dead West
      Diggerz: Black Lung Rises
      Hay Algo En La Oscuridad 
      16 Mins
      The Far Away Place

27. Best Student Film
      Perfect Profile
      Hi My Name Is

28. Best Family Film
      The Magic Heart 
      Technicolour Daydream
      Martini Bombini

29. Best Oklahoma Made Film
      (The Winner Of This Award Will Be 
      Presented by Gray Frederickson)
      Our Home
      Martini Bombini

30. Best 1st Time Filmmaker
      (The Winner Of This Award Will Be 
      Presented by Gray Frederickson)
​      The Magic Heart
      We Can't Die
      Technicolour Daydream

Gray Frederickson
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Other SSUFF Awards will also be presented for Movie Poster Fan Vote, Screenplay Finalist, Film Festival Directors Choice, and other categories that may not be mentioned here!

Most filmmakers know Gray as an Academy Award-winning producer (The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Godfather Part III, Apocalypse Now, The Outsiders, Ladybugs, UHV and many more). 

This is a great honor for the Sunny Side Up Film Festival and it's creative directors, not to mention the two lucky filmmakers that will receive the 1st SSUFF - Gray Frederickson Award!