April 16-18 2021 
@ The Grand Theatre
114 N Waggoner St, Electra, TX 76360
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​Adrift  - When a young, devoted painter finds himself stranded in space, he must work through his grief in order to face the challenges ahead and decide whether to return home or move on.

Amazing Grace  - “Amazing Grace” tells the story of a young woman looking after her father, a Vietnam Veteran struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, in which dealing with the challenges of everyday life can require an extraordinary amount of patience, understanding, love… and grace.

Between Horse and Hat  - Documentary short highlighting the heritage and current cowboy life.

Blood is My Fate  - A brave mother must journey through harsh territory to save her child. A past she tried to forget comes back to the forefront in this original western thriller.

Climb  - The story of a Santa Barbara triathlete that was nearly killed in a horrific training accident, survived, healed, rehabilitated, trained, and ultimately made it back to competition, winning the 2019 Santa Barbara Triathlon.

Consumer Burger  - Ever thought you were getting a good deal only to find it raw between the buns? Well, that's what happens when in Consumer Burger. The plot is about the Customer, an old hippie traveling across America, who thinks he has found the holy grill, I mean grail, of hamburgers for just 10 cents! But is the cost a price he is willing to pay? We’ll find out in Consumer Burger, a situational comedy shot in the quirky style of classics like Napoleon Dynamite.

Counting Bullets  - Counting Bullets tells the story of a small group of cavalry soldiers who are pinned down in a canyon by the enemy. Over the course of a few days, they are forced to face their differences and rely on each of their instincts to survive.

Cowgirls and Indians  - Retired cowgirl Callie attens the funeral of a former lover on an Indian reservation. She meets his family and goes on a crazy adventure to learn what happened to her friend and their relationship.

Deadtime Travels  - Zombies have infected the world's population. In the year 2060 there are only 435 uninfected human beings left on Earth.... the zombies took the rest. Fortunately, time travel has been perfected. Chip travels back in time to the year 2055 to find the only person who knows how to prevent the Zombie Apocalypse from happening in the first place.

Desolate Land  - An outlaw named Atwood arrives in Mountain Village as one of his victims returns for revenge. Sheriff O'Connell and Hattie team up in a final battle against the Atwood gang.

Docents of San Bautista Historical Park - A short Documentary about the docents who volunteer at the San Juan Bautista State Historical Park

Dragon Song  - In the aftermath of the civil war, survivors Lamberic White and Spiney Shamblins remain lost in the ongoing chaos of a living hell. Lamberic, enraged by Spiney's drunken abuse of his wife Veronica, responds with grim measures, leading to momentous consequence.

Draw Your Gun  - Enter the bleakest place in the ugly sad and forgotten sewers of the old west. A ghost-town where the scent of anything good seems to be long gone.
When local artist Luc le Blanc draws the portrait of his enemy on a wanted poster, a chain reaction of killings and fraudulence is started.

Ella  - Ellen "Ella" Liddy Watson moved to Wyoming where she could vote, own property, and raise her own cattle. She married Jimmy Averell in secret so she could continue to own her own homestead. Jimmy helped her purchase her homestead, improve the property, purchase cattle and a cattle brand. Unfortunately, the two made enemies of local cattle baron A.J. Bothwell. Bothwell and his gang accused Ella of rustling cattle, kidnapped her and Jimmy, and lynched them. This is Ella's story.

Five of Spades  - 5 vignettes - each in an alternate-dimensional Western setting.
There is no redemption in this lawless land where the Devil reigns supreme and all hope is lost.

Goodbye  - A couples romantic journey through life.

Heartless  - In the wake of a tragic incident, a young cowboy runs for his life from a man eating monster from his past.

Hell Comes To Montana  - Hell Comes To Montana is an eerily authentic Western film about one mans journey for vengeance and redemption. It follows the story of Montana, a man who has lost everything but the fire within himself to right an injustice that was exacted upon him. After the loss of his family at the hands of a mad man, Montana's life mission is to understand why this monster has taken away everything that he held dear. Once he has the murderer in his cross hairs, he can choose to have his revenge or rise above it and bring him to justice. What will he do?

Heroes Are Forever - Brenda is abducted while relaxing in the local park and taken into the woods and tied to a tree by the evil, mysterious Man In Black. Fortunately, a hero is lurking nearby and comes to her aid and rescues her. However, things are not always as they appear. One thing that never changes though is once a hero, always a hero.

Honor Among Thieves  - After being injured at war, a civil war veteran returns home to Texas to find he's now enlisted in a new battle; one for his life.

Indians, Outlaws, Marshals and the Hangin' Judge  - While set in the late 19th century, the stories documented in this film resonate today: gun violence, racial strife, police brutality and American Indian rights. This is a true tale of Indian removal, crime, capital punishment and a charismatic federal judge who sentenced scores of felons to "hang by the neck until you are dead." Outlaw gangs hid from the law in lands given to native people, until Indian Territory was taken away and turned back to settlers. 

Javelina Run  - Two idiot ranch hands pretend to be fugitive train robbers to get attention from the ladies at an old west saloon.

La Gringa  - a rough and tough cowgirl, has to change the rules to get what she wants in a small pueblo in Mexico.

Lillian - A teenager cares for her younger sibling and multi-ethnic local orphans in the face of danger after her Grandmother is killed surrendering to the Mexican Army toward the end of the Texas Revolution.

Looking for Jack  - This is a short western film about a group of outlaws who who were previously killed by a bounty hunter named Jack. They are now living in eternal purgatory in a saloon where they lure in unsuspecting bounty hunters and use there magical powers to play evil games on the guests.

Men Among Men  - A group of prospectors at a mining camp in Gold Rush California struggle to embody non-toxic masculinity.

Milk For Violence  - Aaron Trow, greatest outlaw this side of the Mississippi, has just escaped from jail and is on the lam. Meanwhile, in the nearby frontier town of Plymouth Flats, Ana the preacher’s wife is left home alone by her husband Caleb.

Miracle in the Valley  - Boonville, California – 1906. Thirteen year-old Melinda, born out of wedlock and scorned by many, desperately wants to know what happened to her real father, but no one in town will tell her.

Not Your Day  - Vic is having a really bad day. It gets even worse when a carjacker decides to jump into Vic's car and control his destiny. But the balance of power can change very quickly sometimes, and by the end of the ride the carjacker is the one having a really bad day.

Pinay Angel  - When Shane's business partner, Ian, is captured and tortured by the Drug Warlord Ming, Shane is driven to hire Sasha, the young, beautiful Martial Arts expert to find him and bring him back.

Prospector's "The Forgiven"  - The Steady escalation of crime in a growing town right after the civil war has an effect on several locals as to how to deal with the travelers and gold prospectors.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott: A Texas Ramble  - "A valuable and enlightening addition to the lore of Ramblin' Jack." David Browne, Rolling Stone
RAMBLIN’ JACK ELLIOTT: A TEXAS RAMBLE with Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, Arlo Guthrie, and Jerry Jeff Walker. This film offers a rare chance to step inside music history and culture with a legendary character who’s been at the glorious heart of it, chasing adventures and saving up stories to tell.

Ridin' Ropin & Jumpin' Over Cars  - The story of a bigger than life woman who lived an amazing life in rodeo in the 1930's - 1960's is depicted in this documentary created from interviews with the now 90-year-old and her unbelievable treasure of memorabilia.

Salting the Fly  - With a precarious fate approaching, Danny, an autistic teenager, and his older brother David perform a familiar childhood ritual to lighten the gravity of their plight. As time runs out, however, the brothers must leave their childhood behind to confront family demons, challenge futile beliefs, and transcend communication barriers to find solace amidst their crumbling world.

Senior Discount'd  - SENIOR DISCOUNTed is practically a dramatic documentary. Modern medicine has allowed most people to live healthier lives longer. Yet when people reach a certain age level there is a stigma in the business world to not employ them.

She Was The Deputy's Wife  - When an outlaw is captured and scheduled to hang, the wife of the local deputy makes a decision that will forever change her life. Mabel is in love with the arrested man. Will she remain loyal to her husband Jonathan or follow her heart?

Slotter Room  - They thought it was abandoned. They were wrong.

Smile  - Gold is found by a gunslinger who was hired to watch the comings and goings of the bustling town.

Spaghetti Western  - PEHG Productions presents an homage to the western all'italiana! A short film about a girl who knows her physics. Starring Hadley Teaster, Ben the Dog, sixteen other kids, and the voices of the Virginia Tech String Project.

Stagecoach Sally  - Our story begins in 1850, in the Old West of California. A young girl, lost in a haunted desert, meets Death himself—an outlaw. He "buries her alive" in an old steamer trunk, but she survives! "Stagecoach Sally" lives to become his worst nightmare.

The Bank Robbery  - A gang of incompetents outlaws tries to rob a bank.

The End  - We continue to follow a cowboy on his path into the empty nothingness of the desert after he rides out of the town he just saved.

The Four Horsemen  - A western-short, set in 1874 - 75, “The Four Horsemen” follows the exploits of a notorious and vicious outlaw gang hell bent on thieven' and killin' anyone who gets in their way. When they push the local law too far, the townsfolk are forced to call in reinforcements. The Four Horsemen, comprised of four US Marshals of various backgrounds, join together to put an end to the lawlessness and restore order.

The Girl Next Door  - A prodigy musician trapped in a rural town fights for her freedom to achieve greatness.

The Maroon Bomber  - Four siblings delve into the love they share for the family’s old, beat up truck. This love gets tested.

The Reunion  - At a 40 year High School reunion, two attendees must face the consequences of a painful breakup from long ago.

The Stranger  - Two Outlaws are faced with a dilemma as an intruder gets closer to their hideout. One man is eager to gun down the unsuspecting stranger while the other believes that shooting the man will be a grave mistake.

The Wide Wide West - Wally the Wide is a wide cowboy with an even wider longing for adventure. When his father's magical hat is stolen, he must travel to the moon to retrieve it from the Moon Goons, a notorious group of space bandits. But he discovers some things are more important that adventure...

Tuco's Dream  - Poor Tuco Pobrecito - His life is a shambles, but he finds success in his dream.

When the Music Stops Playing  - A story about an unexpected twist of fate. A one-way trip inside a damaged brain.

Anything at All - Hired to solve a murder, a private detective soon uncovers political dirty tricks and an oil scam worth millions in the summer of 1972.

Robo Hills Texas - Nothing much ever happens in the quiet, sleepy town of Robo Hills Texas.... until today. When 2 strangers appear in town it is up to the town sheriff who is on the brink of retirement to determine who is good, who is evil, who is right, who is wrong and who will live and who will die. Is it the end of the story or just the beginning?

Time Will Let Me - We all make choices in life, and some of those choices could possibly impact our lives in monumental ways. When Ricky tells his girlfriend Nicole about his new invention which will change their lives she is naturally skeptical until an elderly stranger steps in and gives her a glimpse into events that might or might not happen.

The Last Battle - In a post-alien invasion world, a humble history teacher trains an ensemble cast in Spartan tactics for America’s final stand against ruthless invaders.

Wonderwall - What if you could go back to the moment you made the biggest mistake of your life? The kind of mistake that sends you down a path of heartache, loss, and regret? Would you do things differently? Becca Bowman gets this chance but will she be able to change the future or will she make the same mistake again?

The 12 Diaz of Christmas - A wealthy, lonely, childless retired couple find out that the husband has a son from his high school sweetheart that he never knew about. Anxious to meet his son he invites him and his family to their Beverly Hills home for Thanksgiving. His son has been raised in the back hills of Tennessee. His family consists of 9 kids and a 8.9 month pregnant wife, and a pot belly pig. Chaos follows. A story of love renewed and the Joy of Christmas rekindled.

The Tale of Tin Can Kade - On a quest for vengeance, a grieving outlaw’s chance encounter with a scam artist turns out not to be a chance encounter at all…

Wide as the Western Sky - When an aspiring young country-western singer vows to honor his faith above his career, he encounters frustrating delays and opposition that threaten to destroy his dreams. A modern-day reflection of the life of Abraham.

Take Out - On the eve of winning his first World Championship, a rodeo cowboy known for riding the "bad ones" , has drawn a dark horse.

Good Again - When a Texas high school star quarterback fails his team as his successful father struggles with a failing marriage, they fight discouragement by making a father/son pact to overcome the improbable odds of both making a comeback.

The Reckoning - Set in the 1880s two Texas Rangers set out two rescue a Judges daughter from an escaped prisoner the Judge had sent to prison two years before.

The Prodigal - A twin returns from exile to reclaim her birthright from her scheming, murderous sister.

Marshal Dodge - Retired Marshal Del Dodge is recruited by Pinkerton Agent Tom Battle to infiltrate organized crime in 1919. The Italian Mafia Dons are gaining a foothold in “new” towns such as Kansas City, combining efforts with Old West gang bosses such as Jack Baxter who are now moving into more sophisticated crime. 

Raggedy Ann Heart - In 1970s rural West Texas, 12-year-old Lindy Logan has big dreams. She wants to become the next Karen Carpenter. She strives to acclimate to a new 7th grade class. And she fantasizes about getting rid of her little sister, Jo. In Raggedy Ann Heart, the Logan sisters deal with budding hormones, imaginary friends, and even Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, all the while competing with each other for the ultimate prize – Momma’s love.

Come Along, Harry Higgins - Set in 1899, successful safe cracker Harry Higgins decides to hang up his drill for good when he meets the woman of his dreams, only to be tailed by the constable that put him away once already.

Redbear - Redheaded, red-bearded, and red-bear coated, an ex-sheriff brings a bounty into a town whose Sheriff was just killed. Its only law is an untrained Deputy who asks Redbear to teach him, "Sheriffin'."

Last Thursday - When Dennis got up this morning, he wasn't expecting that his bank would be robbed by a bunch of witless goons, or that they would take him hostage, but hey - it's Thursday so it's almost the weekend, right?

The Struggle Within - Melvin, a severely depressed husband and father struggles with the guilt of losing his son which leads to him also losing touch with his wife and other children. Thinking the only way out is suicide, he hits rock bottom. The weight of his depression is taking a tow on his relationship with his two daughters, but through the love of his youngest daughter Melvin finds the peace he was unknowingly looking for.

The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele - A fiery female train engineer relentlessly pursues the ruthless outlaw who has stolen her one-of-a-kind locomotive to pull off the biggest heist in US history.

Claustrophobia - A henpecked young man develops claustrophobia while discovering a ruthless conspiracy in his small Virginia horse town; the man must overcome his suffocating illness while fending off post-WWII treasure hunters, including relocated Nazis, if he is to survive and save the spunky, hot-headed love of his life. Now if only he could breathe.

Dregslist - As a result of being pushed into a cycle of self-development and subsequently played, laid and betrayed by online dating, a sugar-addicted millennial finds herself.

Vinegar to Honey - Vintage/modern relationship comedy set in the American West. A modern couple relationship with the female lead having many advanced skills and high intelligence and the male respecting this but with his old cultured ways to work out. A tongue-in-cheek comedy of their great chemistry set in the American West.

Frenchy - A mysterious woman arrives in Dodge City Kansas in 1877 to work as a saloon girl in the notorious Long Branch Saloon. She witnesses a brutal murder committed by a wealthy rancher. An Irish horse trainer helps her escape to Tascosa Texas, and she finds herself falling in love, until the killer arrives. A story about Crazy Love, revenge and redemption in the Old West.

I, Redeemer - a western sci fi thriller exploring themes of heroism, madness and love. Darger, a homeless Iraq war vet with severe PTSD, is offered help and friendship by Simone, a psychologist working at a local VA clinic in a West Texas town. What she doesn’t know is that he is behind a series of carefully conceived and executed murders in the area — as he fully believes he is a hero from the future who has traveled back in time to locate and kill some perfect but evil replicants. Is he an insane serial killer, acting out a movie fantasy? Or is it possible he’s telling the truth?

The Fugitives Trail - Advancing through dangerous Sioux territory, a fearless U.S. Marshal finds himself caught between two rival outlaw gangs.

Three for Hire: Shadow Assassins - Fourteen years after the assassination of President Lincoln, the conspiracy behind it is back, stronger than ever. The future of the country hangs in the balance and only three strangers have a chance to save it, if they can just stay alive long enough.

Blaze of Glory - John Morrison, a retired Texas Senator, receives a call informing him that an old friend and Civil War comrade, Holt Collier, has died so John and his grandson travels to Greenville, Mississippi, for the wake. While at the wake, he is asked to tell how Holt, a black man, was a member of the Confederate Army. 

Once Upon a Christmas Eve - 

TV PILOT - The Sandhills Series: Pilot "Outfoxed" - Disrupted by a murder in her peaceful Nebraska Sandhills, a sheriff’s wife must decide between maintaining her solitude on the ranch, and investigating to clear her husband as suspect, against the wishes of the ‘old- boy’ network; as she uncovers secrets that may make her want to run for sheriff herself, in this contemporary western pilot. 

TV PILOT - And The Weeds Grow Taller - In rural Texas, every day is a work day, even Sunday. That don’t mean you don’t pray..in these parts, you pray every day. You pray your family is safe, your children get a good education, you pray your cows get fed, the crops get rain and you pray that your oil well comes in. Seems like nothing ever changes in the dusty North Texas town of Beaver Creek. Except, the rumors keep gettin’ bigger and the weeds grow taller.

TV PILOT - Sunset Trail - Despite warnings to stay away, a drifting cowboy goes looking for a job at the Triple R Bar Ranch. After a run in with the attractive young boss, he joins her fight to defend her home and family from a greedy neighbor and a series of mysterious attacks on the ranch. When his new boss goes missing, the cowboy must race to figure out if the neighbor is behind it, or if there is a deeper plot to uncover.

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