Cowpokes Int'l Film Festival
​1. Best Feature Film 
    You and What Army
2. Best Short
    Lucy's Last Song

3. Best Mini Short
    Dream Loop

4. Best Foreign Film
    Between Here and Gone

5.  Best Modern/Western Feature
     Heart Cycles

​6. Best Western Short

7. ​Best Mini Short Western
    Blood Is My Redemption

8. Best Documentary
    Spaghetti Cowboys

9. Best Student Film
    Dream Loop​

​10. Best Trailer
      Geronimo's Revenge

11. Best Film Pitch
      Silver Sins

12. Best Actor (Feature) 
    Adam Rebora - You and What Army

13. Best Actress (Feature) 
    Katie O'Neill - You and What Army

​14. Best Actor (Short)  
    Robert Craighead - Lucy's Last Song

15. Best Actress (Short) 
    Brea Bee - Lucy's Last Song

16. Best Actor (Mini Short) 
      Trevor Rock - Dream Loop

17. Best Actress (Mini-Short)
      Yvonne Mango - Dream Loop  

18. Best Actor (Modern/Western Feature)
     Jay Pennington - Heart Cycle 

19. Best Actress (Modern/Western Feature)
      Elizabeth Bode - Heart Cycle 

20. Best Actor (Western Short)
      John Marrs - Return to Remembrance

21. Best Actress (Western Short)
      Amber Rose Mason - Return to Remembrance 

22. Best Actor (Western Mini Short)
      Zach Ball - Blood is My Redemption

23. Best Western Actress (Mini-Short)
      Aurora LaRay - Gussy

24. Best Director (Feature)
      Jim Menza - You And What Army
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You can help support the CIFF
You can help support the CIFF
25. Best Director (Short)
      Raul Rosco Guerrero - Lucy's Last Song

26. Best Director (Mini Short)
      David Neal Butterfield - Dream Loop

27. Best Director (Foreign Film)
      Sadie Duarte

28. Best Director (Western Feature)
      Jay Pennington & Gerry Olert - Heart Cycles

29. Best Director (Western Short) 
      Lisa Channer - Standoff

30. Best Director (Western Mini Short) 
      Zach Ball - Blood Is My Redemption

31. Best Director (Documentary)
      Anthony A. Labriola - Spaghetti Cowboys

32. Best Director (Music Video)
      Aurora LaRay - Thrift Store Cowgirl

33. Best Music Score/Song (Film) 
      "Little Bird" performed by Brea Bee in 'Lucy's Last Song'

34. Best Original Western MP3
      'Tombstone Dreams'
      Written & performed by Jim Jones

35. Best Collaboration Score MP3
       'Stray' performed by Jim Jones
       Written by Manuela Schneider

36. Best Music Video
      Thrift Store Cowgirl

37. Best Western Song Lyrics
      Written by Manuela Schneider and Jim Jones

38. Best Film Score Lyrics
      'Tombstone Dreams'
      Written by Jim Jones

​39. Best Drama Feature 
      Rage, Fear, Love
40. Best Drama Short 
      Lucy's Last Song

​41. Best Western Drama Short 
      Lone Wolf Hill

​42. Best Comedy 

​43. Best Romance
      Heart Cycles

44. Best Horror/Thriller
​      Dream Loop

45. Best Twist!!
      Lucy's Last Song

46. Best Youtube Film
      Balas Y Boleros

47. Best Travel Poster
      'Go Camp with Aurora LaRay' by Aurora LaRay

48. Best Group Photography
      The Widow' by Aurora LaRay 

​​49. Best 1st Time Filmmaker
      Lisa Channer for "Standoff"

​50. Best Female Filmmaker
      Lisa Channer for "Standoff"

​51. Best Cast Ensemble
      You And What Army

​52. Best Group Narration
      Silver Sins

53. Best Movie Poster
​      Return to Remembrance

54. Best Audience Award
      Spaghetti Cowboys
June 23-25 2023 

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Best Feature Suspense Western Screenplay
Among Snakes - By Brooke Mulkins

Best Feature Adventure Western Screenplay
Three For Hire: Revenge of the Mescalero Apache -
By Dan Burle, Sr.

Best Feature Action Western Screenplay
Blood Is My Redemption By Zach Ball

Best Feature Western Screenplay
The Reckoning - By Tracy Townsend & Dink Thomas

Best Feature Drama Western Screenplay
Geronimo's Revenge - By Mario Louis Gandolfo

Best Feature Romance Western Screenplay
Silver Sins - By Manuela Schneider

Best First-time Feature Screenwriter
Shut Eye Revival - By John Kestner

Best Feature Family/Faith Screenplay
A Cowgirl's Christmas - By Timothy Armstrong,
Judy Belshe-Toernblom & Darci Lynne

Best Drama/Mystery Manuscript
Canyon Of The Old Ones -
By Manuela Schneider

Best Action Western Manuscript
Putney's War, Battle at Crying Rock -
By D. Preston Davidson

Best Unpublished Modern-Western Manuscript
Spirit Horse - By Manuela Schneider
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